Transversity 2022

Almo Collegio Borromeo, Pavia, Italy

Almo Collegio Borromeo, Pavia, Italy

P.zza Borromeo 9 27100 Pavia Italy
Alessandro Bacchetta (PV)

The workshop has been postponed to May 2022.

Transversity 2022 is the 6th international workshop on transverse polarization phenomena in hard processes, following those held in 2005 on Lake Como (Italy), 2008 in Ferrara (Italy), 2011 in Lošinj (Croatia), 2014 in Cagliari (Italy), and 2017 in Frascati (Italy)

The aim of the workshop is to present and discuss in depth theoretical and experimental knowledge in the field of transversity, transverse-momentum dependent distribution and fragmentation functions, as well as generalised parton distribution functions. The workshop represents a valuable opportunity to gather the spin physics community, with a broad participation of theorists, as well as of experimentalists working in international collaborations at BEPC-II, BNL, CERN, DESY, KEK and Jefferson Lab (JLab), all deeply involved in this area of research. Developments related to the Electron Ion Collider will also be discussed. The workshop will also be a unique occasion for young researchers to form a detailed and up-to-date perspective on this fast-developing research field, and to present and discuss their own work and projects in a highly stimulating and reactive context.


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  • Alessandro Bacchetta
  • Anna Martin
  • Barbara Pasquini
  • Bernd Surrow
  • Cedric Lorce
  • Chiara Bissolotti
  • Cristian Pisano
  • Feng Yuan
  • Francesco Giovanni Celiberto
  • Giuseppe Bozzi
  • Ian Balitsky
  • Marco Contalbrigo
  • Marco Radici
  • Marco Zaccheddu
  • Mariaelena Boglione
  • Maryam Soleymaninia
  • Miguel Echevarria
  • Philip G. Ratcliffe
  • Simone Bacchio
  • Simone Rodini
  • Umberto D'Alesio
  • Valerio Bertone
  • Yiannis Makris
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