GPU Computing in High Energy Physics

University of Pisa

University of Pisa

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Gianluca Lamanna (PI), Marco Sozzi (PI)

The Registration deadline is August 31nd, 2014
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The conference focuses on the application of GPUs in High Energy Physics (HEP), expanding on the trend of previous workshops on the topic and pointing to establishing a recurrent series. The emerging paradigm of the use of graphic processors as powerful accelerators in data- and computation-intensive applications found fertile ground in the computing challenges of the HEP community and is currently object of active investigations.

This follows a long established trend which sees the increased use of cheap off-the-shelf commercial units to achieve unprecedented performances in parallel data processing, thus leveraging on a very strong commitment of hardware producers to the huge market of computer graphics and games. These hardware advances comes together with the continuous development of proprietary and free software to expose the raw computing power of GPUs for general-purpose applications and scientific computing in particular.

All different applications of massively parallel computing in HEP will be addressed, from computational speed-ups in online and offline data selection and analysis to hard real-time applications in low-level triggering, to MonteCarlo simulations for lattice QCD. Both current activities and plans for foreseen experiments and projects will be discussed, together with perspectives on the evolution of the hardware and software.

  • Akitaka Ariga
  • Alessandro Lonardo
  • Alessio Gianelle
  • Andrea Messina
  • Andrea Ruggeri
  • Andreas Herten
  • Antonio Augusto Alves Junior
  • Arkadiusz Ćwiek
  • Attilio Cucchieri
  • Bachir Bouhadef
  • Bernd Stelzer
  • Christopher Pinke
  • Claudio Bonati
  • Cristiano Bozza
  • Daniel Hugo Campora Perez
  • Daniele Cesini
  • Dario Soldi
  • David Chamont
  • Dietmar Kaletta
  • Dmitry Chirkin
  • Dorothea vom Bruch
  • Dániel Berényi
  • Egor Ovcharenko
  • Enrico Calore
  • Felice Pantaleo
  • Filippo Mantovani
  • Gergely Debreczeni
  • Gianluca Lamanna
  • Gianmaria Collazuol
  • Gilles GRASSEAU
  • Giorgia Mila
  • Giovanni Calderini
  • Giovanni Di Domenico
  • Hannes Vogt
  • Ilaria Neri
  • Ivan Kisel
  • Ivan Reid
  • Jacob Howard
  • Jacopo Pinzino
  • Johannes de Fine Licht
  • Juan José Rodríguez
  • Junichi Kanzaki
  • Lorenzo Rinaldi
  • Luca Pontisso
  • Luca Rei
  • Lucia Morganti
  • Ludovico Bianchi
  • Maik Dankel
  • Marco Corvo
  • Marco Palombo
  • Marco Rescigno
  • Marco Sozzi
  • Mario Schroeck
  • Mario Spera
  • Massimiliano Fiorini
  • Massimo D'Elia
  • Massimo Minuti
  • Matteo Bauce
  • Mauro Belgiovine
  • Michael Sokoloff
  • Michele Mesiti
  • Máté Ferenc Nagy-Egri
  • Natalia Kolomoyets
  • Patrick Steinbrecher
  • Peter Messmer
  • Piero Vicini
  • Richard Calland
  • Roberto Piandani
  • Salvatore Alessandro Tupputi
  • Silvia Arezzini
  • Simone Michele Mazza
  • Soon Yung Jun
  • Stefanie Reichert
  • Stefano Gallorini
  • Tobias Winchen
  • Vadim Demchik
  • Vitaliy Schetinin