SNvD 2023@LNGS: International Conference on Supernova Neutrino Detection

Auditorium "E: Fermi" (LNGS)

Auditorium "E: Fermi"



- theory of SN emission
- lessons from 1987A
- SN observations with photons 
- past detectors for SN neutrinos
- detectors in the world ready to take SN neutrinos
- situation at LNGS 
- SNEWS alert system
- new ideas
- diffused SN

The conference will discuss the legacy and strategy for the next Supernova Neutrino detection with detectors located at both LNGS and other laboratories around the world.

The conference will take place at Gran Sasso National Laboratory of INFN - Assergi, L'Aquila (Italy).

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  • Adam Burrows
  • Andres Nava
  • Andrey Sheshukov
  • Atsushi Takeda
  • Bhavesh Chauhan
  • Clarence Virtue
  • Claudio Salvadore
  • Davide Franco
  • Federica Pompa
  • Irina Lomskaya
  • James Kneller
  • Jost Migenda
  • Kei Kotake
  • Lakhdar Sek
  • Manibrata Sen
  • Marcello Lissia
  • Marcos Vinicius dos Santos
  • Marta molla
  • Matthew Szydagis
  • Melih Kara
  • Noshad Khosravi Largani
  • Rita Novoseltseva
  • Segev BenZvi
  • Shunsaku Horiuchi
  • Tajudeen Oluwafemi Amuda
  • Tobias Fischer
  • Walter M. Bonivento