Channeling 2023

Hotel Corallo, Riccione

Hotel Corallo, Riccione

Viale Gramsci, 113 - Riccione (RN)

The 9th International Conference "Charged & Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena" to be organised by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on 4-9 June 2023 in Riccione (RN) (Italy).

The scope of the "Channeling" meeting is to attract the attention of researchers from many world laboratories specialising in accelerator physics, in radiation and nuclear physics, in materials science, biology and medicine to the   research on both relativistic particles and radiations interactions in strong electromagnetic fields that results in various applications on advanced accelerator as well as radiation physics within the following main conference topics:

  • coherent scattering of relativistic charged particles in strong electromagnetic fields;
  • crystal channeling and related phenomena for hadron and lepton beams;
  • electromagnetic radiation by relativistic charged particles in periodic structures (coherent bremsstrahlung, channeling radiation, transition radiation, diffraction radiation, parametric x-ray radiation, LPM effect, FEL, Compton scattering);
  • channeling of radiations in capillary systems (micro- and nano-channeling, micro-channel plates, nanotubes, nano-porous);
  • novel techniques for beams handling and acceleration (plasma wake-fields, cross-laser fields, crystal assisted collimation, plasma-ion channels, capillary channeling);
  • advanced x-ray & neutron optics (capillary/polycapillary optics, compound refractive optics, micro- and nano-focusing, waveguides);
  • applications based on channeling phenomena (beams shaping, positron sources, powerful radiation sources, diagnostic tools, novel x-ray table-top instruments, applications in material and biomedical studies, etc.).

Recent studies have shown the feasibility of channeling phenomenology application for description of various mechanisms of interaction of charged and neutral particles beams in solids, plasmas and electromagnetic fields. Channeling 2023 will be dedicated to the discussion on common aspects of novel acceleration techniques as well as related phenomena and charged beams channeling within the main topics:

  • Electron Channeling for Novel Accelerators;
  • LWFA/PWFA/Dielectric based Accelerators;
  • Radiation Generation in Plasmas and Crystals;
  • Crystal Channeling for Down-Selecting Phase Space;
  • Electron Charge Limits in Plasmas, Dielectrics and Crystals;
  • Compact Plasma and Crystal Channeling for Positron Sources.
Channeling Registration Form
  • Aleksandr Savchenko
  • Alexander Lobko
  • Alexander Potylitsyn
  • Alexei Sytov
  • Alexey Dik
  • Alexey Tishchenko
  • Andrea Mazzolari
  • Andrey Oleinik
  • Angelina Bulavskaya
  • Anton Stepanov
  • Anush Sargsyan
  • Aram Saharian
  • Artak Mkrtchyan
  • Arthur Tarnovsky
  • Damir Garaev
  • Daria Sergeeva
  • Dariush Hampai
  • Dmitrii Gavrilenko
  • Elena Kantardgi
  • Esteban Irribarra
  • George Lazarenko
  • Hartmut Backe
  • Hrant Khachatryan
  • Khalid Chtaibi
  • Levon Grigoryan
  • Luca Marchitto
  • Luca Serafini
  • Lusine Aloyan
  • Mikhail Vladimirov
  • Nicola Canale
  • Nikita Ashurko
  • Oleg Bogdanov
  • Pavel Karataev
  • Pavel Shapovalov
  • Petr Korolev
  • Robert CHEHAB
  • Samvel Mkhitaryan
  • Sergei Stuchebrov
  • Sergey Polozov
  • Sergey Taskaev
  • Sultan Dabagov
  • Taras Bondarenko
  • Tigran Petrosyan
  • Vahan Kocharyan
  • Valeria Guglielmotti
  • Vardazar Kotanjyan
  • Vincenzo Guidi
  • Vladimir Maisheev
  • Vladimir Rashchikov
  • Vladimir Zvorykin
  • Vladislav Syshchenko
  • Zeinab Ebrahimpour
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