May 29, 2023 to June 1, 2023
Europe/Rome timezone


- theory of SN emission

 -lessons from 1987A

- SN observations with photons 

- past detectors for SN neturinos

-detectors in the world ready to take SN neutrinos,

- situation at LNGS 

- SNEWS alert system. 

- new ideas

- diffused SN 


This  first edition of the conference will be located at LNGS and will be focussed on the legacy and strategy for Supernova Neutrino detection with detectors located at LNGS, in the international context




Main auditorium

International scientific  committee

Walter M. Bonivento - INFN Cagliari  (chair)

Kate Scholberg  - Duke Univeristy

Irene Tamborra - Niel Bohr Institute Copenaghen

Alex Habig  - University of Minnesota Duluth

Aldo Ianni - INFN LNGS

Mark Vagins - Tokyo University, IPMU and UC, Irvine

Alessandro Mirizzi  -University and INFN Bari

Bert Thobias Fischer - University of  Wrocław

Francesco Vissani - INFN LNGS

Rafael Lang - Purdue University

Carlo Bucci  - INFN LNGS

Marta Colomer Molla - Univeristy of Valencia 

Local organizing committee

Carlo Bucci  - INFN LNGS (chair)

Fausto Chiarizia - INFN LNGS

Aldo Ianni - INFN LNGS

Francesco Vissani - INFN LNGS


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