Sep 16 – 18, 2015
Grand Hotel Villa Balbi
Europe/Rome timezone

Physics on the Riviera 2015:
an isthmus between high energy and condensed matter theoretical physics

Photo credits: C. Biggio

This Conference will bring together experts working on recent developments in diverse areas of theoretical physics - from condensed matter to particle physics, quantum gravity and string theory - with the aim of sharing complementary perspectives on fundamental issues in physics, identify common ideas and methods and further contribute to cross-fields fertilization.

The program will include talks by invited speakers as well as presentations by registered participants. On the 17th evening, Prof. J. Zinn-Justin will deliver a special talk in honor of Prof. Carlo Becchi, on the occasion of his becoming Professor Emeritus of the University of Genova. 

Speakers include: A. Donos (Durham University), G. Policastro (Ecole Normale, Paris), A. Pomarol (IFAE, Barcelona), L. Rastelli (Stony Brook), S. J. Rey (Seul University), E. Tonni (SISSA), J. Zaanen (Universiteit Leiden), A. Zaffaroni (Università di Milano Bicocca), J. Zinn-Justin (IPhT, Saclay), F. Zwirner (Università di Padova). 

Organizing committee: C. Biggio, C. Imbimbo, N. Maggiore, N. Magnoli, G. Ridolfi.

Organizing secretariat: E. Carnevali, D. Ferraro.