PANDORA Progress Meeting

Congress Room "E. Migneco"

Dear Colleagues,

on behalf of the Organising Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to the $2^{nd}$ PANDORA Progress Meeting, which will take place in Catania on December $16^{th}$ - $17^{th}$ 2021. The meeting will be held in blended mode (online and in presence).

The meeting will be dedicated to present the project work packages status and will be an excellent opportunity for the collaboration participants to discuss about PANDORA future perspectives and to reinforce the common ground and synergies.

The meeting will be held at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Southern National Laboratories (INFN - LNS), in the Congress Room "E. Migneco". LNS are an important research center well established in the international scientific community and the activities are mainly concerned with the fundamental research in the field of Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Astrophysics and Particle Astrophysics and also of Applied Research.

INFN-LNS is well connected by metro or bus to downtown (only 20 minutes). Catania center is connected to airport by Alibus (about 30 minutes) or by taxi (20 minutes).

The social dinner will be carried out in the heart of the old city with several archaeological and cultural attractions situated in the nearby. The venue is placed at the foot of the Etna Volcano - the highest and most active of Europe - in a city that is now experiencing its third millennium of history.

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Catania for the PANDORA Meeting.


the PANDORA Meeting Organizing Committee

Registration form PANDORA Progress Meeting
  • Alain Goasduff
  • Alberto MENGONI
  • Alessandro Saltarelli
  • Alessio Galatà
  • Alfio Maurizio Bonanno
  • Alma Kurmanova
  • Angelo Pidatella
  • Aref Eshkevar Vakili
  • Aurora Tumino
  • Bharat Mishra
  • Carmelo Sebastiano Gallo
  • Claudia Salvia
  • Costantino De Angelis
  • Daniel R. Napoli
  • Danilo Rifuggiato
  • David Mascali
  • Diego Vescovi
  • domenico santonocito
  • Enrico Corsaro
  • Eugenia Naselli
  • Fabio Maimone
  • Fabrizio Odorici
  • Filippo Russo
  • Francesca Triggiani
  • Gino Sorbello
  • Giorgio Finocchiaro
  • Giorgio Sebastiano Mauro
  • Giulia Emma
  • Giuseppe Castro
  • Giuseppe Torrisi
  • Jean-Éric Ducret
  • Klaus Tinschert
  • Laurent Maunoury
  • Luigi Celona
  • Luigi Giovanni Cosentino
  • Marco CUFFIANI
  • Marco La Cognata
  • Maria Mazzaglia
  • Mario Maggiore
  • Mario Salvatore Musumeci
  • Matteo Bezmalinovich
  • Maurizio Maria Busso
  • Richard Rácz
  • Roberta Sparta'
  • Rosario Pizzone
  • Salvatore Pennisi
  • Salvatore Tudisco
  • Santi Maria Passarello
  • Santo Gammino
  • Sara Palmerini
  • Sedina Tsikata
  • Sergio Cristallo
  • Simone Amaducci
  • Simone Taioli
  • Stefan Briefi
  • Stefano Simonucci
  • Sándor Biri
  • Ursel Fantz
  • Vincenza Piera Bonanno