Workshop on "Flavour changing and conserving processes" 2019 (FCCP2019)

Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy

Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy

International Centre for Scientific Culture - University of Napoli Federico II
The workshop aims to discuss the status and prospects of the physics of “Flavour changing and conserving processes” and addresses the scientific community involved in experiments like g-2, mu2e, meg, meee, EDM and more generally to the physics of K and B mesons. It wants to be a "thinking effort" on the outlook, both theoretical and experimental, as well as a picture of the "state of art". Specifically aims to gather expertise gained in Italy on SM contributions to the g-2 of the muon and related subjects.
  • Abhishek Iyer
  • Achim Denig
  • Andrzej Kupsc
  • Angela Papa
  • Ashwani Kushwaha
  • Atanu Nath
  • Bai-Long Hoid
  • Carlo Carloni Calame
  • David Greynat
  • Dinko Pocanic
  • Elena Aprile
  • Giancarlo D'Ambrosio
  • Giovanni De Lellis
  • Graziano Venanzoni
  • Hartmut Wittig
  • Jan Bernauer
  • Jonathan Ronca
  • Junji Hisano
  • Katsuhiko Ishida
  • Kei Yamamoto
  • Klaus Kirch
  • Luca Di Luzio
  • Luigi Cappiello
  • Marc Knecht
  • Massimiliano Procura
  • Massimo Passera
  • Mauro Piccini
  • Michele Iacovacci
  • Mike Lamont
  • Nicola Neri
  • Paolo Valente
  • Paride Paradisi
  • Patrizia de Simone
  • Stefano Laporta
  • Stefano Mastroianni
  • Stefano Miscetti
  • Stefano Profumo
  • Thomas Teubner
  • Umberto Marconi
  • Yoshi Uchida