TNPI2017 - XVI Conference on Theoretical Nuclear Physics in Italy




The aim of this Conference is to bring together Italian theorists working in various fields of nuclear physics and related areas  to discuss their latest results and confront their points of view in a lively and informal way. This offers the opportunity to stimulate new ideas and to promote collaborations between different research groups.
The meeting will be held at the Palazzone, an elegant Renaissance Villa, commissioned by the Cardinal Silvio Passerini (1469-1529), Bishop of Cortona, and presently owned by the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.


  • Few-body systems

  • Many-body systems

  • Nuclear astrophysics

  • Nuclear structure and nuclear dynamics

  • Relativistic heavy ion collisions and quark-gluon plasma

  • Structure of hadrons and hadronic matter

  • Albino Perego
  • Alejandro Kievsky
  • Alessandro Giachino
  • Alessandro Lovato
  • Alessandro Scordo
  • Alex Gnech
  • Angela Bonaccorso
  • Angela Gargano
  • Arturo De Pace
  • Carlo Barbieri
  • Carlotta Giusti
  • Domenico Logoteta
  • Elena Santopinto
  • Enrico Vigezzi
  • Francesco Becattini
  • Francesco Murgia
  • Francesco Pederiva
  • Francesco Raimondi
  • Giuseppe Pagliara
  • Hugo Garcia Tecocoatzi
  • Ignazio Bombaci
  • Isaac Vidana Haro
  • Jacopo Ferretti
  • Jeremy Dohet Eraly
  • Jessica Bellone
  • Laura Elisa Marcucci
  • Luca De Angelis
  • Luca Girlanda
  • Luca Riz
  • Lucia Oliva
  • Marco Antonelli
  • Marco Antonio Bedolla
  • Marco Claudio Traini
  • Maria Benedetta Barbaro
  • Massimo Di Toro
  • Massimo Mannarelli
  • Matteo Rinaldi
  • Michelangelo Sambataro
  • Michele Viviani
  • Paolo Prati
  • Sergio Scopetta
  • Tokuro Fukui
  • Vincenzo Minissale
    • 9:00 AM 9:30 AM
      Registration 30m
    • 9:30 AM 9:40 AM
      Opening 10m
    • 9:40 AM 10:10 AM
      Microscopic Theories of Strongly Interacting Many-Body Systems 30m
      Speaker: Francesco Pederiva (TIFP)
    • 10:10 AM 10:40 AM
      Neutrino­nucleus scattering: recent progress in the superscaling approach 30m
      Speaker: Maria Benedetta Barbaro (TO)
    • 10:40 AM 11:10 AM
      coffee break 30m
    • 11:10 AM 11:30 AM
      Ab initio SCGF computations medium mass nuclei 20m
      Speaker: Dr Carlo Barbieri (University of Surrey)
    • 11:30 AM 11:50 AM
      Neutrino Mean Free Path in neutron matter from QMC equation of state 20m
      Speaker: Mr Luca Riz (TIFP)
    • 11:50 AM 12:20 PM
      Polarization and vorticity in relativistic heavy ion collisions 30m
      Speaker: Francesco Becattini (FI)
    • 12:20 PM 12:40 PM
      Light and heavy hadron production in heavy-ion collisions from a coalescence model 20m
      Speaker: Vincenzo Minissale (LNS)
    • 1:00 PM 2:30 PM
      lunch 1h 30m
    • 2:30 PM 3:00 PM
      Theoretical and experimental constraints on the subleading three­nucleon contact interaction 30m
      Speaker: Luca Girlanda (LE)
    • 3:00 PM 3:30 PM
      NINPHA: Understanding the (3D) structure of hadrons 30m
      Speaker: Francesco Murgia (CA)
    • 3:30 PM 3:50 PM
      Double parton correlations in double parton distribution functions and 3D structure of the proton 20m
      Speaker: Matteo Rinaldi (CSIC­Universitat de Valencia)
    • 3:50 PM 4:10 PM
      Strangeness suppression and baryon masses in the UQM 20m
      Speaker: Hugo Garcia Tecocoatzi (GE)
    • 4:10 PM 4:30 PM
      Modeling QCD through a Contact Interaction 20m
      Speaker: Dr Marco Antonio Bedolla (INFN)
    • 4:30 PM 5:00 PM
      coffee break 30m
    • 5:00 PM 5:30 PM
      Two families of compact stars? 30m
      Speaker: Giuseppe Pagliara (FE)
    • 5:30 PM 5:50 PM
      Equation of state of dense nuclear matter and neutron star structure from nuclear chiral interactions 20m
      Speaker: Domenico Logoteta (PI)
    • 5:50 PM 6:10 PM
      Spectroscopy of fully­heavy tetraquarks 20m
      Speaker: Dr Jacopo Ferretti (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • 6:10 PM 6:30 PM
      Pentaquark states at LHC_b 20m
      Speaker: Alessandro Giachino (GE)
    • 6:30 PM 6:50 PM
      Recent developments in pion condensation 20m
      Speaker: Massimo Mannarelli (LNGS)
    • 9:00 AM 9:30 AM
      Neutrinos in core collapse supernovae and neutron stars mergers 30m
      Speaker: Albino Perego (MIB)
    • 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
      The STRENGTH project 30m
      Speaker: Angelina Gargano (NA)
    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Beta­decay half lives and quasiparticle vibration coupling 20m
      Speaker: Enrico Vigezzi (MI)
    • 10:20 AM 10:40 AM
      Continuum states of exotic nuclei 20m
      Speaker: Angela Bonaccorso (PI)
    • 10:40 AM 11:10 AM
      coffee break 30m
    • 11:10 AM 11:40 AM
      Quartet structure of N=Z nuclei 30m
      Speaker: Michelangelo Sambataro (CT)
    • 11:40 AM 12:00 PM
      Probing beta decay matrix elements through heavy ion charge 20m
      Speaker: Dr Jessica Ilaria Bellone (Università di Catania)
    • 12:00 PM 12:20 PM
      Shell­model calculation of Gamow­Teller and two­neutrino double­beta decay properties for 130Te and 136Xe 20m
      Speaker: Dr Luca De Angelis (NA)
    • 12:20 PM 12:40 PM
      Three­body matrix elements with harmonic­ oscillator states 20m
      Speaker: Tokuro Fukui (NA)
    • 1:00 PM 2:30 PM
      lunch 1h 30m
    • 2:30 PM 3:10 PM
      LUNA: achievements and perspectives 40m
      Speaker: Paolo Prati (GE)
    • 3:10 PM 3:50 PM
      Investigating low energy strangeness QCD through kaon nucleon interactions by the AMADEUS collaboration 40m
      Speaker: Alessandro Scordo (LNF)
    • 3:50 PM 4:20 PM
      Excitation of nucleon resonances in isobar charge exchange reactions of heavy nuclei 30m
      Speaker: Isaac Vidana Haro (CT)
    • 4:20 PM 4:50 PM
      coffee break 30m
    • 4:50 PM 5:20 PM
      Pulsar glitches and neutron star masses 30m
      Speaker: Marco Antonelli (MI)
    • 5:20 PM 5:40 PM
      The pre­equilibrium stage of ultra­relativistic heavy ion collisions and its impact on photon production 20m
      Speaker: Lucia Oliva (LNS)
    • 5:40 PM 7:20 PM
      Discussion on the status and future of Theoretical Nuclear Physics in Italy 1h 40m
    • 9:00 AM 9:30 AM
      L'I.S. FBS dell'INFN: stato dei progetti in corso e prospettive future 30m
      Speaker: Michele Viviani (PI)
    • 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
      Quantum Monte Carlo calculations for electron- and neutrino-nucleus scattering 30m
      Speaker: Alessandro Lovato (TIFP)
    • 10:00 AM 10:20 AM
      Theoretical study of the alpha+d 6Li+gamma radiative capture and its implications → for Big Bang Nucleosynthesis 20m
      Speaker: Laura Elisa Marcucci (PI)
    • 10:20 AM 10:40 AM
      Hyperspherical harmonics approach: beyond the three­body system 20m
      Speaker: Jeremy Dohet Eraly (P)
    • 10:40 AM 11:10 AM
      coffee break 30m
    • 11:10 AM 11:40 AM
      Three­nucleon force correlations and electromagnetic response in finite nuclei with self­consistent Green's functions 30m
      Speaker: Dr Francesco Raimondi (University of Surrey)
    • 11:40 AM 12:00 PM
      Some extensions to the Hyperspherical Harmonics approach 20m
      Speaker: Dr Fabrizio Ferrari Ruffino (Università di Trento)
    • 12:00 PM 12:20 PM
      Time Reversal Violation in two Nucleons Systems 20m
      Speaker: Mr Alex Gnech (Gran Sasso Science Institute)
    • 12:20 PM 12:40 PM
      Saturation properties of helium drops 20m
      Speaker: Alejandro Kievsky (PI)
    • 12:40 PM 12:55 PM
      Closing 15m