FCC-ee (TLEP) Physics Workshop (TLEP9)

Sala Azzurra (Scuola Normale Superiore)

Sala Azzurra

Scuola Normale Superiore

Piazza dei Cavalieri PISA
Poster design: Cristina Martin Perez

This is the 9th in the series of FCCee/TLEP-related workshops. It follows on from the sucessful 8th TLEP workshop that took place in Paris on 27-29 October 2014, and the FCC kick-off meeting held on 12-15 February 2014 at University of Geneva.

The workshop is open to all FCC-ee /TLEP design study members, and more generally to all interested in a precision Z, W, H, top factory. The focus will be on physics and experiments at the FCC-ee, but a more general session is organized the first day (Tuesday 3 February afternoon) with presentations about the FCC design study as a whole, and on machine and physics for the FCC-ee and the FCC-hh, with synergies and complementarities. This session is aimed at a larger audience, towards improving the project visibility in Italy. It will be followed by a social dinner in the evening.

The workshop starts on Tuesday at 13:30 and ends on Thursday 16:00. Registration is now open, please proceed at your earliest convenience! Please visit the FCC-ee / TLEP web site, and subscribe to the design study if you have not yet done so!

  • Gigi Rolandi
  • Roberto Tenchini
  • Lucia Lilli
  • Alain Blondel
  • John Ellis
  • Christophe Grojean
  • Patrick Janot

The workshop will be video-streamed through YouTube (click on the link to view, and choose your day).
  • Alain Blondel
  • Alberto Lusiani
  • Alessandro Strumia
  • Alessia Tricomi
  • Andreas Weiler
  • Antonio Zoccoli
  • Ariella Cattai
  • Carlo Carloni Calame
  • Christian Schwinn
  • Cristina Martin Perez
  • David d'Enterria
  • Elizabeth LOCCI
  • Emilio Meschi
  • Emmanuelle Perez
  • Eros Cazzato
  • Fabrizio Senia
  • Frank Zimmermann
  • Fulvio Piccinini
  • Giuseppe Degrassi
  • Guido Emilio Tonelli
  • John Ellis
  • Luigi (Gigi) Rolandi
  • Manuela Boscolo
  • Marcel Vos
  • Marcin Chrząszcz
  • Mario Antonelli
  • Markus Klute
  • Matteo Salvarezza
  • Michael Koratzinos
  • Miha Nemevsek
  • Mogens Dam
  • Oleksii Matsedonskyi
  • Oliver Fischer
  • Oscar Adriani
  • Paolo Azzurri
  • Paolo Camarri
  • Patrick Janot
  • Patrizia Azzi
  • Pedro Ferreira da Silva
  • Riccardo Barbieri
  • Rino Castaldi
  • Roberto Tenchini
  • Roy Aleksan
  • stefania de curtis
  • Sven Heinemeyer
  • Ties Behnke
  • Tord Riemann
  • Yotam Soreq