EWPAA 2022: European Workshop on Photocathodes for Particle Accelerator Applications

Aula Magna C03 (Milano)

Aula Magna C03


Via Mangiagalli, 25 Milano Italy
Daniele Sertore (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)

           Welcome to EWPAA 2022!         

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that the European Workshop on Photocathodes for Particle Accelerator Applications (EWPAA 2022) will be held in Milano, from September 20 to 22, 2022. Given the present situation, we plan to have the Workshop in presence.

We invite you to participate to this workshop that it will be focused on recent advances in research and development of photocathodes for accelerator applications. Contributions are welcome from different topics, spanning operational experience, preparation, instrumentation, theoretical modelling, industrial applications and novel materials. The scientific program of the workshop will consist of invited talks and contributed presentations, either in the form of oral presentations or posters.

The workshop will be held from Tuesday noon to Thursday noon with the Tuesday afternoon assigned for the poster session.


Scientific Program Committee

Maud Baylac (CNRS-LPSC)
Caterina Cocchi (Universitat Oldenburg)
Romain Ganter (PSI)

Lee Jones (UKRI STFC)
Thorsten Kamps (HZB)
Julius Kühn (HZB)
Tim Noakes (UKRI STFC)
Daniele Sertore (INFN Milano - LASA)

Rong Xiang (HZDR)

Local Organizing Committee

Daniele Sertore
Laura Monaco

  • Alberto Bacci
  • Alice Galdi
  • Andreas Schroeder
  • Carlo Benedetti
  • Carlo Pagani
  • Carlos Hernandez-Garcia
  • Chen Wang
  • Christopher Benjamin
  • Daniele Sertore
  • David Pavel Juarez-Lopez
  • Evan Antoniuk
  • Felix Mildner
  • Gowri Adhikari
  • Gregor Loisch
  • Holger-Dietrich Saßnick
  • Houjun Qian
  • Hugh Churn
  • Jana Schaber
  • Jennifer Groth
  • Jerzy Lorkiewicz
  • Julius Kuehn
  • Kurt Aulenbacher
  • Laura Silvia Monaco
  • Lee Jones
  • Liam Soomary
  • Linda Spentzouris
  • Maud Baylac
  • Mauro Trovo
  • Mengjia Gaowei
  • Miguel Martinez Calderon
  • Monika Dehn
  • Pengwei Huang
  • Ralf Erik Rossel
  • Reza Valizadeh
  • Richard Schier
  • Rong Xiang
  • Sandeep Mohanty
  • Siddharth Karkare
  • Sonal Mistry
  • Theodore Vecchione
  • Thu Trang Trinh
  • Tim Noakes
  • Valery Tyukin
  • Verena Kümper
  • Vitaly Pavlenko
  • walid Kaabi
  • xudong li
  • Zenggong Jiang