XVI Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics

Hotel Porto Conte

Hotel Porto Conte

Via Porto Conte, 79, 07041 Maristella SS, Italy
This event is organized by INFN, University of Sassari and by the Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e Struttura della Materia. The Seminar offers lectures to Ph.D. students, medical physicists and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes.
The Seminar is organized in didactic units on software developed and used in fundamental and applied physics.

The lectures also include a full official basic course on the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkitLectures will cover all aspects of the toolkit from basic installation through advanced topics and will be interspersed with examples that build a progressively more complex application, extensible to real space and medical use.
On the last day of the School, students will have the opportunity to test their learning achievements through a written exam. The successful outcome of the test will be reported on a written certificate for those interested, to be requested on arrival, at the registration desk. A simple attendance certificate will also be available on request.

This year the school will host a cycle of seminars on machine learning fundamentals and application in physics and a course on Python programming language.

Registration is opened, a maximum number of 45 participants will be admitted.
The deadline for the participation is April 30
th and the fee is 250 € before April 10th 2019 (early registration) and 350 after April 10th 2019 (late registration).

- IBAN: IT 98 S 02008 16926 000300037897
- BIC Swift code: UNCRITM1H12.
- Beneficiary address:
Via Santa Sofia, 64 - CATANIA
- Beneficiary name: Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e di Struttura della Materia

- Beneficiary bank: UNICREDIT S.p.a. Via Torino

REASON FOR PAYMENT: "Surname Name - Participation fee for the XVI INFN Alghero Seminar" (specifying your surname and name).
Please send an e-mail to pablo.cirrone@lns.infn.it and softwareschool.infnlns@gmail.com with the transfer details including the name and the institution of the participant, once the payment has been completed.

Cancellation policy
Deadline to fee refund request: May 1st, 2019
Cancellation requests received before May 1st, 2019 will be refunded at 50%.
No refund will be given for later cancellations.
Cancellation requests MUST be submitted by email to
All other forms of request will not be taken into account.


A limited number of grants are available. They cover fee and accommodation expenses only. No support for travel expenses is available. Deadline for application is Febraury 25th.

Ph.D. students and young researchers can apply submitting a curriculum vitae, an abstract on their research activity and register to the indico page. Applications by partecipants not registered to the indico page will be discarged. Grant winners will present their research activity in a dedicated session.


Participants are recommended to bring their own laptop. A virtual machine with Linux-CentOS and a ready-to-use Geant4 installation will be provided in the next weeks, together with the installation instructions. The virtual machine can be run by using VirtualBox, a free software available for MacOS, Windows and some flavours of Linux: it can be downloaded from https://www.virtualbox.org.
 Students having problems with VirtualBox and/or with the virtual machine will be able to connect, via ssh, to a pre-configured local machine.

Staying at Hotel Porto Conte is mandatory for all the participants. 
Visit the Facebook page of the school to get news and updates.

GEANT4 virtual machine instructions

Download the compressed virtual machine compatible with VirtualBox. tar.gz version is suggested for Linux and MacOS users, while zip version is suggested for Widnows users. You can check the MD5 checksum.

Link to the virtual machine (VirtualBox compatible)
MD5 checksum: b924d3ee8232c019bc26a247886de116

MD5 checksum: 1c9a3c71b8ac7402e2f02ed551e5a508

Extract the files and then open it by using Oracle VirtualBox. Credentials:

  • user (pwd: user)
  • root (pwd: infn2019), to be used with care

If you need to download these files when in Alghero, we suggest you to 

Hotel Registration Form
  • Alessandra Retico
  • Alessandro Ippolito
  • Alexander Bismark
  • Alexandre Quenon
  • Alexei Sytov
  • Alice Mulliri
  • Allison Radich
  • Andrea Chincarini
  • Andrea Dotti
  • Andrea Rizzi
  • Ariel Matalon
  • Boglarka Erdos
  • Corrado Altomare
  • Davide Chiappara
  • Davide Serini
  • Domenico D'Urso
  • Elena Cuoco
  • Elif Sahin
  • fan zhu
  • Francesco Laruina
  • Giada Petringa
  • Gregory Mattson
  • Gábor Galgóczi
  • Hann Moussa
  • Hannah Brown
  • Harris Bidaman
  • Iara Tosta e Melo
  • Icaro Vagueiro Malta Moreira
  • Jaroslav Nespor
  • Lenka Mikulickova
  • Letizia Calogera Palumbo
  • Levi Davies
  • Lucía Mariel Arana Peña
  • Maria Sergeeva
  • Martin Hjellström
  • Matthew Goodwin
  • Mauro Aresti
  • Michael Kagan
  • Mohammad Yosofvand
  • Nadir Marcelli
  • Nicholai Mauritzson
  • Pablo Cirrone
  • Paolo Colombetti
  • Piernicola Oliva
  • Piernicola Oliva
  • Ruhani Khanna
  • Sarah Kalantan
  • Simone Garappa
  • Tariq Hailat
  • Tom Russ
  • Tommaso Boccali
  • Valeria Sipala