SNEAP 2012

Sala Villi (INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro)

Sala Villi

INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro

Viale dell'Universita' 2 35020 LEGNARO PD ITALY
Symposium for North Eastern Accelerator Personnel

SNEAP is a community of personnel involved with particle accelerators, mainly electrostatic, and their use.

Founded in 1968, the organization gathers annually to discuss and exchange information to the benefit of all those who attend. The goal of the Symposium is to have a workshop of operation personnel discussing and sharing experiences in order to help each other in solving the practical problems and let their ingenuities became common knowledge of the community.

The topics covered include ion sources, electrostatic and rf accelerators, telemetry and control systems, cryogenic systems, safety issues and many other topics relevant to the operation of small to medium sized accelerator laboratories.

The meeting format is made of oral presentation and poster stands followed by open and informal discussions concerning laboratory reports and contributed papers .

Space for vendors is made available to permit attendees to speak directly with manufacturers and their representatives and to inspect many new devices and products.

Attendees include representatives from Universities, National Laboratories, and Industrial Research Laboratories from the United States of America. and many other countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and others.

Final Circular
First Circular
  • Alberto Ferrara
  • Alessio Galatà
  • Allan Kern
  • Andrea Fasolato
  • Andrea Pisent
  • Andy Blackwood
  • Angel Munoz-Martin
  • Antonino Sparta'
  • Antonio Beltramin
  • Antonio Dainelli
  • Antonio Varisano
  • Augusto Lombardi
  • Brice Moignard
  • Calin A. Ur
  • Chris Purcell
  • Damir Spanja
  • Davide Carlucci
  • Davide Crivellaro
  • Didier Voulot
  • Enrico Fagotti
  • Fabio Scarpa
  • Faical Azaiez
  • Francesco Taccetti
  • Francesco Tudisco
  • Franco Nerva
  • Garton David
  • Giacomo Legnaro
  • Gianfranco Prete
  • Giovanni Bisoffi
  • Giuseppe Daniele
  • Greg Norton
  • Harri Tyrväinen
  • Johannes Depner
  • John McKay
  • Jörg Röhrich
  • Leonardo La Torre
  • Lorenzo Giuntini
  • Lorenzo Pranovi
  • Lowry Conradie
  • Luca Maran
  • Lucia Boscagli
  • Ludwig Beck
  • Luigi Cosentino
  • M. Francesca Moisio
  • Marco Pacchiega
  • Marco Poggi
  • Mark Roberts
  • Martha Meigs
  • Matthias Junker
  • Mauro De Lazzari
  • Mauro Giacchini
  • Michele Comunian
  • Michele Contran
  • Mikko Laitinen
  • Osvaldo Carletto
  • Ovidiu Toader
  • Pertti Tikkanen
  • Rossano Giacchino
  • SAID Abdelhakim
  • Scott McMaster
  • Scott Tumey
  • Sergio Bartalucci
  • Silvin Khurana
  • Stefano Contran
  • Sundeep Chopra
  • Taneli Kalvas
  • Tom Brown
  • Valentino Rigato
  • William Tominey