XX Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics

Hotel Porto Conte

Hotel Porto Conte

Via Porto Conte, 79, 07041 Maristella SS, Italy


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This event is organized by INFN, University of Sassari and by the SNAKE (Sharing Software Knowledge) non-profit organisation. The Seminar offers lectures to Ph.D. students, medical physicists and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes.

The Seminar is organized in didactic units on software developed and used in fundamental and applied physics.

This year the school includes:

- A full official basic course on the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit Lectures will cover all aspects of the toolkit from basic installation through advanced topics and will be interspersed with examples that build a progressively more complex application, extensible to real space and medical use.

- An optional “refresh course of Python” June 4th

- A course on Machine Learning fundamentals

- A cycle of seminars on Machine Learning Applications in different physics fields

On the last day of the School, students will have the opportunity to test their learning achievements through a written exam. The successful outcome of the test will be reported on a written certificate for those interested, to be requested on arrival, at the registration desk. A simple attendance certificate will also be available on request. 

Staying at Hotel Porto Conte is mandatory for all the participants. Due to the limited room availability at the Hotel, a maximum number of 45 participants can be admitted. After that, we will still consider applications but they need to be understood as a waiting list.

PLEASE NOTE THAT BY NOW WE ARE FILLING THE WAITING LIST. Do not book the Plane / Hotel if you apply NOW, unless you receive a positive confirmation.


  • Adnan Kareem
  • Alberto Ruzzon
  • Aleksei Smirnov
  • Alessandro Sturniolo
  • Anastasiia Shaikina
  • Andrea Sofia Triolo
  • Angela Zaza
  • Antonino Fulci
  • Bernhard Pilsl
  • Cecilia Borca
  • Dario Pullia
  • Francesco Massimiliano Procacci
  • Giacomo Alocco
  • Giuseppe Matteucci
  • Ilaria Rosa
  • Jaime Apilluelo
  • Ksenia de Leo
  • Lan Vu
  • Laura Antonia Cerbone
  • Leandro Silveri
  • Lorenzo Arsini
  • Michelle Stroth
  • Micol De Simoni
  • Muhammad Waqas
  • Nicola Ferrara
  • Paola Mastrapasqua
  • Paolo Colombetti
  • Roberto Zarrella
  • Sabyasachi Siddhanta
  • Stevan Vrbaski
  • Tetiana Nagorna
  • Valentina Cicero
  • Valerio Sarritzu
  • Valerio Toso
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