Feb 15 – 17, 2023
Università di Pisa - Dipartimento di Fisica
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Program

The workshop will be spanned over three days, each of them about a specific topic that is currently central in the scientific discussion and may result in a possible turning point for the search of New Physics:

  • Muon g-2 anomaly: the first day is devoted to the magnetic anomaly of the muon, with talks on the experiment E989 at Fermilab and on the tensions with the most recent theoretical predictions;
  • Flavour Physics tensions: the second day focuses on the New Physics research within the flavor sector, which is rich in tensions and discordances between theoretical predictions and experimental measurements of observables;
  • Topology and axion phenomenology: the third day is dedicated to the topological aspects of QCD, paying particular attention to its impact on axion phenomenology. 

In addition to invited contributions, we have also reserved slots for oral presentation by young researchers, and there will also be a poster session. Thus, Ph.D. students and early-stage researchers are strongly encouraged to apply either for an oral presentation or a poster!

At the end of the conference, a white paper will be written. It will summarize the main topics covered by the speakers. The document will be uploaded on arXiv and proposed to a peer-reviewed journal. This will be useful to fix the main points that emerged during the workshop for the benefit of future research.