Feb 15 – 17, 2023
Università di Pisa - Dipartimento di Fisica
Europe/Rome timezone

Social Program

Poster and discussion session at "Sala delle Baleari"

The afternoon of the 16th will be dedicated to the poster and discussion session that will be held at Palazzo Gambacorti.

During the sessions, an aperitif will be offered to the participants. 


Guided tour

A guided tour of the city is organized for the afternoon of the 17th. The group will be guided inside the most beautiful and characteristic sites of the city by professional art historians.

A light aperitif at Palazzo Gambacorti will end the workshop.

In the following you can find a brief abstract of the tour.

"Pisa, Etruscan founded city, is a town that from centuries does not stop to be a fundamental center for culture and knowledge. The evident variety and diversity of the architecture that constitutes it, proves that Pisa is representative of the great moments of Italian art history. The concentration of Schools and Universities, born from an ancient tradition of studies and investigations, generated and attracted eminent scientists, such as Galileo Galilei, Fibonacci, Fermi, Malpighi, Pontecorvo, Torricelli. Pisa welcomed also figures such as Giovanni and Nicola Pisano, Giosuè Carducci, Keith Haring. This demonstrates its importance also as a reference center for Arts. Pisa has been a very powerful and rich town, dominant in maritime trade. The richness of its religious heritage, built to sustain the religious faith of the numerous wealthy citizens, is a clear reflection of its power.

The guided tour will start from a walk on the walls of the city, reserved for free from the Municipality for the participants of NePSi. This will allow us to observe the beauty of the city from a privileged raised point of view. From the walls we will be able to admire the  beautiful archeological remains of a Roman Bath. Then, we will have a stunning landscape on Piazza dei Miracoli, UNESCO heritage and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Thus, we will get off the walls in order to appreciate the beauty of the Duomo, Battistero, Camposanto and the notorious Leaning Tower. The path will continue trough the alleys of the town. This will give us the opportunity to appreciate the many historical places such as squares, churches and typical alleys. Then, the Arno river will welcome us. We will read quotes of poets and artists that appreciated the view from the river. After crossing the bridge Ponte di Mezzo, we will visit Palazzo Gambacorti, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, where an aperitif will end the tour."

You can find a map of the tour here.