12-17 October 2015
Trieste - Italy
Europe/Rome timezone


Girotondo d'Arpe
Folk Harp Ensemble

Girotondo d'Arpe (brochure, pdf 5.1 MB) are an Italian musical ensemble formed in Trieste, Italy, in 2003, when harpist Tatiana Donis met a small group of Celtic music enthusiasts.

The ensemble, sometimes with the accompaniment of a flute, violin and/or vocalist, specializes in the performance of traditional Irish tunes, re-arranged in an original and sophisticated manner by their artistic leader.

The ensemble held their debut in 2005 and since then performed on various occasions, among others during the following festivals in Italy: Mista (Bellino-Cuneo), Mitofringe (Milan), Folkest (Gemona-Udine), Harp festival (Isolabona-Ventimiglia), Music for Sunset (Trasimeno Lake), and in Oberdrauburg, Austria.

In October 2012 they won the first prize in the “Harps A Wonder” category in the competition held during the 25th O'Carolan Festival in Nobber (Co. Meath, EIRE).

Girotondo d'Arpe have recorded three CDs: "Girotondo d'Arpe" (2007) with the most popular Irish tunes; "Wandering Harps" (2009) with original arrangements of a selection of O'Carolan melodies and of the "Irish Melodies" for which poet and balladeer Thomas Moore composed new verses; "Girotondo for Christmas" (2012) where, besides traditional tunes, they recorded the first performance ever of the composition for folk harps "Onde" (“Waves”), written and dedicated to them by famous harp virtuoso Vincenzo Zitello.

Girotondo d'Arpe