Jun 5 – 9, 2023
Genova, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

New physics in semi-leptonic tau decays

Jun 8, 2023, 2:00 PM
DAD - Room 0B (Genova, Italy)

DAD - Room 0B

Genova, Italy

Contributed Hadrons and physics beyond the standard model Hadrons and physics beyond the standard model


David Díaz Calderón (IFIC (UV-CSIC))


This talk is based on the main results of the published article JHEP 04 (2022) 152. Model independent bounds on new physics are obtained using semi-leptonic tau decays as observables. To do this, We determine the dependence of several inclusive and exclusive τ observables on the Wilson coefficients of the low-energy effective theory describing charged-current interactions between light quarks and leptons. These results are then combined with inputs from other low-energy precision observables. In particular, with nuclear beta, baryon, pion, and kaon decay data.

Primary author

David Díaz Calderón (IFIC (UV-CSIC))

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