Sep 16 – 17, 2024
Sestri Levante
Europe/Rome timezone

The workshop aims to summarize the findings of the PRIN-MUR-2017 project, "From Darklight to Dark Matter: Understanding the Galaxy/Matter Connection to Measure the Universe," and to discuss current and future developments in view of the vast array of incoming data from ongoing observational campaigns, fostering discussions on their implications and potential avenues for research.

Our objective is to strengthen connections between participants of the PRIN project and a broader community of established and potential collaborators. Together, we aim to stimulate new scientific endeavors and maximize the utility of forthcoming data.


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Istituto Nazionale di Fisica NucleareIstituto Nazionale di AstrofisicaUniversità di Genova



Sestri Levante
Grand Hotel dei Castelli, Via Penisola Levante, 26, 16039 Sestri Levante (GE), Italy
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  • SOC members:
    • Enzo Branchini, University of Genova (Italy)
    • Luigi Guzzo, University of Milan (Italy)
    • Marco Regis, University of Torino (Italy)
  • LOC members:
    • Ilaria Risso, University of Genova and INFN-Genova (Italy) 
    • Silvano Tosi, University of Genova and INFN-Genova (Italy) 
    • Alfonso Veropalumbo, INAF OABr and INFN-Genova (Italy) 
    • Antonio Farina, University of Genova, INAF OABr, and INFN-Genova (Italy) 
    • Edoardo Maragliano,  University of Genova and INFN-Genova (Italy) 
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