28 September 2020 to 2 October 2020
Sestri Levante
Europe/Rome timezone

The conference is jointly organised by INFN-Sezione di Genova and the Department of Physics of the University of Genova. It aims at gathering an overview of the status and future prospects of astrophysics and cosmology with a multi-messenger approach. The conference will feature only plenary sessions that will deal with astrophysics with electromagnetic waves, astrophysics with gravitational waves, astroparticle physics and neutrino astrophysics, nuclear astrophysics, cosmology. The sessions and the talks will be organised according to astrophysical sources and phenomena: compact objects, neutron star mergers, supernovae, active galactic nuclei, CMB, ..... highlighting the current status of the knowledge and the benefit of a multi-messenger approach.

Sestri Levante
Grand Hotel dei Castelli, Via Penisola Levante, 26, 16039 Sestri Levante (GE), Italy
  • Scientific organizing committee
    • Marialuisa Aliotta, Edinburgh University (UK)
    • Laura Cadonati, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
    • Paschal Coyle, CPPM Marseille (France)
    • Luigi Guzzo, University of Milan (Italy)
    • Giovanni Losurdo, INFN-Pisa (Italy)  
    • Maria Lugaro, Konkoly Observatory, Budapest (Hungary)
    • Aldo Serenelli, Institute of Space Sciences, Barcelona (Spain)
    • Filippo Maria Zerbi, INAF-Osservatorio di Brera (Italy)
    • Silvano Tosi, University of Genova (Italy)
  • Local Organizing Committee (confastro2020 AT ge.infn.it)
    • Michele Biasotti, Gianangelo Bracco, Lorenzo Cabona, Alessio Caminata, Maurizio Canepa (director of the Physics Department), Andrea Chincarini, Stefano Davini, Alba Domi,  Federico Ferraro, Gianluca Gemme, Vladimir Kulikovski, Andrea La Camera, Nicola Maggiore, Davide Ricci, Chiara Righi, Matteo Sanguineti, Elena Santopinto, Mauro Taiuti (director of INFN-Genova), Gemma Testera, Silvano Tosi, Sandra Zavatarelli
  • Administrative and scientific secretariat:
    • Elisa Carnevali, Debora Ferraro, Laura Opisso, INFN Genova (Italy)
  • Computing
    • Alessandro Brunengo, Mirko Corosu INFN Genova (Italy)

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