Sep 26 – 30, 2022
Sestri Levante
Europe/Rome timezone

SCOOL (Science is cool)

The conference benefits from the collaboration with the non-profit association SCOOL (Science is cool).

SCOOL’s Goals

1. In the conviction that scientific culture is a fundamental contributor to economic development and cultural civil growth in our society, the Association has the objective to carry out cultural, educational, and formative activities, in favour of associates and thirds, without a lucre purpose and in full respect of the associate’s freedom and dignity.

2. The Association’s purpose is not lucre, nor directly nor indirectly. Profits will be used exclusively for the realization of institutional activities and those strictly connected to them. Proceeds of the activities cannot, under no circumstance, be shared amongst associates, even by indirect procedures, other than when the destination or the distribution were imposed by law.

3.The Association is non-partisan and is without trade union character.

SCOOL’s Activities

The Association carries out the following activities:

a. It promotes scientific culture in all its aspects. 

b. It establishes interactions with scholastic institutions of every level to spread scientific culture and technology amongst young people and, at the same time, strengthen teacher’s competence.

 c. Develop and organize (in schools or in other seats) specific manual, artistic, expressive recreational activities finalized to point out the correlation between scientific culture and the other cultural spheres and to encourage curiosity towards nature and the universe, spirit of initiative, young people’s desire of knowledge. 

 d. It spreads an environmentally friendly culture, proposing both intellectual and manual research activity on raw materials and recycling.  

e. It publishes popular and scientific-cultural works and articles, through a website and other means of communication according to which is more appropriate.

 f. It organizes national and international scientific workshops and conferences.