Sep 4 – 11, 2022
Europe/Rome timezone


Topics of NOW2022

Session I            Oscillation parameters: Present
Conveners:   Francesco Capozzi and Margherita Buizza Avanzini 

Session II          Oscillations parameters: Future
Conveners:   Saori Pastore and Patrick Dunne 

Session III        Multimessenger astrophysics
Conveners:   Giulia Pagliaroli and Andrii Tykhonov 

Session IV        Neutrino masses, states and interactions
Conveners:   Natalia Di Marco and Valentina De Romeri 

Session V         Particle physics in the Cosmos
Conveners:  Martina Gerbino and Marco Chianese


Session I

Oscillation parameters: Present

Current oscillation parameters from various experiments
[accelerator, reactor, solar, atmospheric ...] 
Nuclear physics relevant for oscillation experiments 
Geoneutrino physics 
Data analyses (theory, phenomenology)

Ses​sion II

 Oscillations parameters: Future

Prospects/challenges in oscillation data analyses 
CP violation, Mass hierarchy, Octant degeneracy 
New underground/water/ice facilities 
New large-volume detectors 
Perspectives in cross-section studies

Session III

Multimessenger astrophysics

Cosmic Rays (CR): gamma, neutrino, charged 
Neutrino and Gravitational Waves: Interplay 
Core-collapse supernovae, stellar physics 
Sources of very high-energy neutrinos and CR 
Neutrino telescopes

Session IV

Neutrino masses, states and interactions

Neutrinoless double beta decay, beta decay, EC 
Sterile neutrino searches in laboratory
Searches for NSI, LFV, CLVF, non-unitarity
Neutrino model building, Heavy neutrinos
Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering 

Session V

Particle physics in the Cosmos

Cosmology and (non)standard neutrinos 
Dark matter candidates, dark sectors
BBN, relic neutrinos 
Diffuse SN neutrino background