Inspired by Precision, Bologna, 10 December 2021

Sala Ulisse (Accademia delle Scienze (Academy of Sciences) of the Institute of Bologna)

Sala Ulisse

Accademia delle Scienze (Academy of Sciences) of the Institute of Bologna

Via Zamboni, 31, 40126 Bologna

In the past years, there have been impressive developments in our understanding of precision calculations in Quantum Field Theory. From the first evaluation of the one-loop radiative corrections to the g-2 of the electron in QED, completed by Schwinger more than 70 years ago, precision calculations have reached astonishing complexity, both in the number of virtual loops considered and in the number of particles involved. 

Many of these developments have been possible thanks to new techniques, largely based on the automated solutions of so-called integration-by-parts identities, on the method of differential equations for Feynman integrals and on the study and classifications of properties of special functions. Prof. Ettore Remiddi, with his collaborators, has contributed to establish many of these ideas and to bring them to fruition, in the first instance with the completion of the ground breaking calculation of the three-loop corrections to the g-2 of the electron in QED. In this workshop, we bring together world-experts on the field of precision calculations in Quantum Field Theory, with the intent to celebrate these achievements and point towards a possible path beyond them.

Important note: Attendance "in person" for registrants cannot be guaranteed and needs further approval by the organizers, due to limited availability in compliance with anti-Covid regulations.

Zoom link: Click here to connect.

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Giorgio Parisi
  • Riccardo Barbieri
  • David Broadhurst
  • Thomas Gehrmann
  • Stefano Laporta
  • Pietro Menotti
  • Giampiero Passarino
  • Massimo Passera
  • Stefan Weinzierl
  • Antonio Vairo

Local organizers: Fabio Maltoni, Tiziano Peraro

External organizers: Pierpaolo Mastrolia, Lorenzo Tancredi



  • Alessandro Tronconi
  • Alexandr Kamenchtchik
  • Alvio Renzini
  • Andrea Ferroglia
  • Andrzej Czarnecki
  • Antonio Vairo
  • Armando Bazzani
  • Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder
  • Carlo Oleari
  • Cristian Massimi
  • Davide Pagani
  • Davide Vodola
  • elisa ercolessi
  • Eugenio Scapparone
  • Fabio Maltoni
  • Federico Capoani
  • Federico Gasparotto
  • Federico Palmonari
  • Filippo Caleca
  • Fiorenzo Bastianelli
  • Francesco Comberiati
  • Franco Semeria
  • Fulvio Piccinini
  • Gaia Fontana
  • giampiero Passarino
  • Gian Paolo Vacca
  • Gianni Bernardi
  • Henrik Munch
  • Henryk Czyz
  • James Edwards
  • Jos Vermaseren
  • Lorenzo Tancredi
  • Marcella Maio
  • Maria Grazia Giorgini
  • Mario Argeri
  • Massimo Passera
  • Michele Caffo
  • Michele Cicoli
  • Michele Motta
  • Nora Brambilla
  • Paolo Finelli
  • Pierbiagio Pieri
  • Pierpaolo Mastrolia
  • Pietro Menotti
  • Pietro Micaletti
  • Riccardo Barbieri
  • Roberto Balbinot
  • Roberto Bonciani
  • Roberto Casadio
  • Roberto Giacomelli
  • Roberto Tateo
  • Roberto Zucchini
  • Sandro Rambaldi
  • Sandro Turrini
  • Stefan Weinzierl
  • Thomas Gehrmann
  • Tiziano Peraro
    • 1
      Speaker: Prof. Fabio Maltoni (Università di Bologna)
    • 2
      Speaker: Giorgio Parisi
    • 3
      My friendship with Ettore
      Speaker: Pietro Menotti (PI)
    • 4
      From QED to QCD... and back to QED
      Speaker: Riccardo Barbieri
    • 10:40 AM
      Coffee Break
    • 5
      Climbing the mountain: the electron g-2
      Speaker: Stefano Laporta
    • 6
      The muon g-2: recent developments
      Speaker: Massimo Passera (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
    • 7
      SMEFT and anomalies
      Speaker: Giampiero Passarino (Universita' di Torino)
    • 12:40 PM
      Lunch Break
    • 8
      Welcome from the DIFA and INFN directors
      Speakers: Prof. Andrea Cimatti (Unibo), Eugenio Scapparone (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
    • 9
      Rise and shine: Special functions from Feynman integrals
      Speaker: Stefan Weinzierl
    • 10
      Beauty and simplicity: from differential equations and master integrals to QCD cross sections
      Speaker: Thomas Gehrmann
    • 4:10 PM
      Coffee Break
    • 11
      Loops and bound states
      Speaker: Antonio Vairo (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)
    • 12
      Many ways of evaluating a 3-loop diagram
      Speaker: David Broadhurst