II Seminario Nazionale Rivelatori Innovativi

INFN - Sezione di Trieste

INFN - Sezione di Trieste

Padriciano 99 I - 34149 Trieste
Eugenio Nappi (BA), Silvia Dalla Torre (TS)

The aim of the course is to enable INFN researchers to improve their awareness and knowledge on the present status, current limits and future developments in novel detection techniques and related aspects (simulation, signal acquisition, tracking, particle identification,...).

The course is structured as follows: morning sessions will be devoted to seminars given by world-wide recognized detector experts, whereas, in the afternoons, “hands-on” laboratory sessions will allow participants to taste state-of-the-art detectors.

The Seminar is part of the INFN Educational Program for the INFN personnel; nevertheless a limited number of external auditors is welcome.


Seminar Topics:

  • Scintillator counters
  • Signal formation in ionizing particle detectors
  • Fast front-end electronics
  • Novel silicon detectors
  • Calorimetry

Laboratory Sessions:

  • Detectors for digital mammography
  • MCP detectors equipped with delay-line read-out
  • Silicon drift detectors
  • Silicon photomultipliers
  • THGEM-based detectors