May 15 – 20, 2022
Hotel Hermitage, La Biodola Bay, Elba Island, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Conference Description

Quantum technologies present tremendous opportunities with the potential to lead to revolutionary changes in daily life. The progress has led to increased awareness of quantum technologies in basic and applied science, in industry and society. Quantum technology research is active in the fields quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing, as well as quantum materials and spans in each field the range from fundamental understanding to realization of devices

The LEAPS members are offering and developing storage-ring and free-electron-laser based synchrotron radiation sources which span a wide range, from THz to infrared, vacuum ultraviolet, soft and hard x-rays and have always been a technological driver in research. With much smaller emittances, pulse lengths, higher coherence, and even entangled x-ray photons, they provide e g. strongly improved imaging able to record molecular movies.

This conference shall showcase where today synchrotron radiation contributes to the advancement of quantum technologies. For example, defect centers are tremendously successful in quantum sensing and quantum communication. THz radiation plays an important role in the manipulation and readout of the involved quantum states while x-rays enable material research on these systems. Proximity superconductivity in semiconductor nanowires is expected to provide Majorana zero modes from which unconventional qubits can be formed. Synchrotron radiation provides x-ray diffraction of single nanowires and contributes to the unprecedented atomic scale precision demanded by the realization of this approach. Soft x-ray spectroscopy characterizes novel quantum materials with respect to all quantum numbers, and increasing spatial resolution turns this method into a microscopy tool on the nanoscale.

This conference will bring together latest developments in quantum technologies with those in source development and instrumentation and identify opportunities for both sides. The conference will give impulses for further development of instrumentation and methods. Since different fields are brought together, an important part of the conference will be tutorial sessions.

The selected audience of this meeting will profit from quantum technology experts meeting the light source community in an open atmosphere at the spectacular setting on Elba island in central Italy.