A BAM in the Anisotropic Universe



Hotel Barolo, Via Lomondo 2, 12060 Barolo CN http://www.hotelbarolo.it/

The Barolo Astroparticle Meeting is a workshop aiming at discussing topical open issues in Astroparticle Physics.
The 2018 edition is the second edition of the meeting and hosts the 3rd Anisotropic Universe workshop. 
The informal structure of the workshop has the goal to stimulate brainstorming discussions and to allow participants to put forward the scientific questions they consider most intriguing. The program includes a number of review talks, two plenary discussions and two splinter meetings.
Organizing Committee: S. Ando (GRAPPA Amsterdam and Kavli IPMU Tokyo), F. Donato (University of Torino and INFN), N. Fornengo (University of Torino and INFN), M. Regis (University of Torino and INFN), C. Weniger (GRAPPA Amsterdam), F. Zandanel (GRAPPA Amsterdam) and H. Zechlin (INFN).
Links to previous editions: BAM2017 and 2nd Anisotropic Universe