May 24 – 29, 2015
Porto Conte Alghero
Europe/Rome timezone

Geant4 Prerequisites

Prerequisites for the Geant4 course

A minimal knowledge of the C++ programming language and of the Linux operating system is useful for a more efficient work.
Participants must have their own laptop, equipped for supporting ssh connections to a Linux machine with graphical windows. Wi-Fi connection will be available for the participants.

​One of the Geant4 school goal is to ​permit to the students to install the toolkit on their own laptop. For this reason we suggest you to install in your laptop one of the Geant4 officially supported platform (see below).


Supported Operative Systems

-Scientific Linux CERN 6 with gcc 4.8.X, 4.9.X, 64bit ( ait works also in Linux distributions Debian, Ubuntu and openSUSE)

-Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) with Clang 3.5 (Apple-LLVM 6.0), 64bit.

-Windows 7 with Visual Studio 12 (VS2013).

Required softwares

-C++ compiler 

-CMake 2.6.4 or higher,  available at the link

External libraries for visualisation

- X11, OpenGL or MesaGL

 -Qt libraries, version Qt4.8.5 (

We will give you all the necessary support to fix eventual installation problems during the first day of the course.

​ a complete Virtual Machine (for alla the OS system) and an ssh connection to stand-alone machines, will be available for people issuing problems with the installation procedure.
The Virtual Machine (and installation instructions) together with the instruction for SSH connection are now available at the following link "Alghero2015".