This event is organised by INFN, University of Sassari and by the Consorzio COMETA. The Seminar offers lectures to PHD students, medical physicists and young researchers working at Universities or Research Institutes. The Seminar is organized in didactic units on software developed and used in fundamental and applied physics, theoretical and experimental. The lectures also include a full official basic course on the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit.  
A specific official and complete Geant4 course is, in fact, organized and it will include theoretical and practical sessions, as well.
A list of preresiquites for the Geant4 course will be soon published on these pages.
In this edition a basic course on GPU programming will be also offered. 

On the last day of the School, students will have the opportunity to test their learning achievements through a written exam. The successful outcome of the test will be reported on a written certificate for those interested, to be requested on arrival, at the registration desk.
A simple attendance certificate will also be available on request.
A limited number of grants are available. They cover fee and accommodation expenses only. No support for travel expenses is available.
Staying at Hotel Porto Conte is mandatory for all the participants

Visit the Facebook page of the school to get news and updates.

GEANT4 and GPU courses material
Link to the virtual machine (VirtualBox compatible)
Link to the prerequisites for the Geant4 course
Link to the Geant4 exercises
Link to dowload the .tar for the exercises: