Jun 17 – 21, 2024
INFN Sezione di Roma
Europe/Rome timezone

The primary focus of this school is to provide a comprehensive understanding of how high-energy particles interact with semiconductors. This encompasses the theory behind these interactions, the effects of energetic ions on electronics, and the techniques used to characterize electronic devices with ion beams and test their radiation hardering.
The knowledge gained from this school can be applied in numerous areas, including aerospace, nuclear reactor and particle accelerator research, high altitude commercial electronic systems, biomedical applications, and photovoltaics for space. It also touches on the impact of primary particles (neutrons, protons, alpha particles, and electrons) in space on semiconductors and devices.
The school is intended for PhD students, young post-docs, and researchers in the fields of nuclear physics, solid-state physics, and electrical engineering. It strives to provide common ground, in terms of language and applications, between these disciplines.

Number of participants: 30 Students

The organizing committee encourages the attendance of young physicists and engineers. A limited amount of support  for accommodation (in double room) has been granted for PhD students or young Post-docs upon request. Please, send to npmet_contacts@lists.infn.it your request for support along with a recommendation letter of your supervisor.

Attendance certification
The organizing committee will issue an attendance certificate and, upon request, offer an optional examination along with a certificate detailing the results.

INFN Sezione di Roma
Dipartimento di Fisica
Registration for this event is currently open.