May 14 – 19, 2023
Hotel Hermitage, La Biodola Bay, Elba Island, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Topics

The LEAPS Meets Life Sciences conference will cover a number of interlinked scientific topics. Our confirmed speakers already cover a range of overlapping topics that should allow life scientists and large facilities scientists to submit abstracts.

Interested participants must indicate two of the topics mentioned below with their abstract submission. We aim at creating a lively interaction and discussion between the different communities.

1. Novel Biology
           Metagenomics, Optogenetics (Oded Beja)
           Structural Cell Biology (Peijun Zhang)
           Membrane Protein Dynamics (So Iwata)             

2. Unmet Medical Needs
            Viral and microbial infections (Winfried Weissenhorn, Peijun Zhang, David Stuart)
            Neurodegenerative diseases and memory (Adrian Wanner)
            Tropical diseases, malaria (Matthew Higgins)
            Bacterial resistance, new antibiotics (Hasan Demirici)    

3. Bioimaging
             Advances in correlative bio imaging (Adrian Wanner, Henry Chapman)
             Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Peijun Zhang)
             Cryo-Tomography (Peijun Zhang)
             All modes of X-ray imaging (Marco Stampanoni)
             X-ray imaging in Neurobiology (Adrian Wanner)

4. Computational Biology
              Future of supercomputing centers (Thomas Schulthess)
              Structural bioinformatics and AI (Jana Selent)
              Phase retrieval and single-molecule imaging (Henry Chapman)

5. Modern Methods in Structural Biology and Dynamics
             Membrane Proteins (So Iwata)
             Metal Proteins and Enzymes (Amadeu Llebaria)
             Correlative Microscopy (Peijun Zhang, David Stuart, Adrian Wanner)
             X-FEL methodologies (Richard Neutze, Allen Orville, Henry Chapman)
             Sample environments and trigger engineering (Arwen Pearson, Amadeu Llebaria)
             Protein Dynamics with Electron Microscopy (Ulrich Lorenz)

6. Drug Discovery
           New antibiotics (Hasan Demirici)          
           Industrial life sciences (Michael Hennig)
           Photopharmacology (Amadeu Llebaria)
           Drugs and vaccination against parasites (Matthew Higgins)
           Membrane protein structure and drug discovery (Michael Hennig, So Iwata)

7. Strategy of Large Facilities
           LEAPS (Jean Susini)
           Diamond, U.K. (David Stuart)
           EMBL ( Kristina Djinovic-Carugo)
           IBS Institute of Structural Biology, France (Winfried Weissenhorn)
           SCSC Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (Thomas Schulthess)
           Large facilities in the U.S. (Roger Falcone)
           Large facilities in Japan (So Iwata)