How to reach Perugia



    • The International Airport of Rome-Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" is the largest and closest international airport to Perugia (about 200km).
      Once arrived at Rome-Fiumicino airport you can reach Perugia in 3 ways: 

      • By BUS, with SULGA or FLIX BUS company – daily direct connections from Rome Fiumicino Airport "Leonardo da Vinci” (Bus Hub adjacent to the Terminal 3 exits – Arrivals) to Perugia.

      • By TRAIN, along the Roma-Perugia line. Please check departures from "Fiumicino Aeroporto" railway station to Perugia Fontivegge main railway station “Perugia”.

      • by renting a CAR  and following the instructions "by car".

    • The International Airport of Umbria "San Francesco d'Assisi" –  St. Egidio Perugia (PEG), which during the summer is connected with many destinations in Italy and in Europe in particular:

      • BRITISH ARWAYS operates daily  flights to and from London Heathrow.

      • RYANAIR operates flights to and from:  Barcellona, Brindisi, Bruxelles Charleroi, Bucarest, Catania, Cagliari, London Stansted, Malta, Palermo, and Wien. 

      • TRANSAVIA operates flights to and from: Rotterdam and Tirana.

  • BY BUS: 

    • SULGA: lines to/from Rome (Roma Tiburtina Bus Station, close to Roma Tiburtina railway station, or Fiumicino Airport Bus Station) to the Perugia city center (stop Piazza Partigiani) or Perugia railway station (stop Stazione Fontivegge). Tickets are available on board.

    • Bus from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Perugia 

    • Bus from Perugia to Rome Fiumicino Airport 

    • FLIXBUS: direct connections with Perugia from the Fiumicino Airport, the Roma Tiburtina Bus Station and from other italian destinations.

    • ACAP: bus service from/to Airport St. Egidio and some hotels in Perugia.


    • Italian Railways.
      Please select as destination "Perugia" (Perugia main railway station, also called "Perugia Fontivegge"; the stop "Perugia Università" is not the right one).

  • BY CAR: 

    • From highway A1 (Florence-Rome section)

      • north: take Valdichiana exit and continue to Perugia along the European Route E45.

      • south: take Orte exit and continue to Terni and Perugia along the European Route E45.