The Torino Workshops series started in Torino in 1995. Since then, 12 workshops have been held by various institutions around the world. Traditionally, the Torino Workshop focuses on the physics of asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars and many related topics: stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis, observations (photometry, spectrometry, and asteroseismology), stellar winds, dust and presolar grain formation, galactic chemical evolution, theoretical and experimental nuclear astrophysics.

The workshop will bring together experts, and friends, involved in these research fields to identify current key scientific questions and the possible ways to address them by interdisciplinary approaches.

This meeting edition will celebrate Prof. Maurizio M. Busso on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Maurizio is among the founders of the Torino Workshop and during  his career he has given important contributions to the study of AGB stars and related fields covered in the workshop. 

We do hope that the pandemic situation will improve significantly in one year and that Covid-19 will be defeated, allowing us to have a workshop in person.
Interested colleagues are invited to pre-register (using the form below) to receive the forthcoming circulars with more information and details.

Perugia, Italy
Registration for this event is currently open.