Oct 24 – 26, 2022
Napoli, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Programme

All presentations are oral and take place during plenary sessions exclusively.

Confirmed Keynote speakers (preliminary title) are:

  • Marc Verderi - Recent Geant4 developments
  • Sebastien Incerti – Recent Geant4-DNA developments
  • Susanna Guatelli - G4Med and advanced examples
  • David Sarrut - Artificial Intelligence and Geant4
  • Joseph Perl - Status and Outlook of the TOPAS tool for particle simulation
  • Aimee McNamara - TOPASnBio advances
  • Lydia Maigne - GATE Advances
  • Pedro Arce - GAMOS Advances
  • Pablo Cirrone - Geant4 for Hadron theraphy: status and challenges
  • Laurent Desorgher - Geant4 for Flash radiotherapy: staus and challenges
  • Dousatsu Sakata - Geant4-DNA modeling of early biological damage and repair
  • José Manuele Quesada Molina - Hadronics aspects
  • Vladimir Ivanchenko – Recent electromagnetic aspect in Geant4
  • Ernesto Amato - MC for Nuclear Medicine: vision and future requirements
  • Brad Oborn - Geant4 applications in MRI-guided x-ray and proton beam therapy

The final agenda will be available in Time Table.

Each presentation will be 10 minutes in total [8 min for presentation + 2 min max. for questions]. Please ensure that your presentation is in ppt or pdf format (for Windows, 16:9 ratio).

You may also email your presentation in advance to geant4_user_conf_info@lists.na.infn.it