2nd DULIA-bio Workshop

from Monday, 4 November 2019 (08:30) to Tuesday, 5 November 2019 (17:30)
Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (Room "B. Pontecorvo")

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4 Nov 2019
5 Nov 2019
08:30 Registration   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
09:00 Welcome   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
Session 1 - Chair: Aldo Ianni (until 13:00) (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
10:00 Low Radioactive Techniques (KEY SPEAKER) - Matthias Laubenstein (INFN - LNGS, Italy)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
10:30 Life in Low Radiation Environment: biological response and role of background radiation (KEY SPEAKER) - Mauro Belli (MELODI Scientific Committee & INFN Roma 1, Italy)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
11:30 Low dose radiobiology at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso: results, challenges and future plans (LNGS Review) - Patrizia Morciano (INFN - LNGS, Italy)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
12:00 Research on proliferation inhibition in Chinese hamster V79 cells and highly differentiated laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma FD-LSC-1 cells in deep underground (rock cover 1470m) environment and its mechanism based on transcriptomics and proteomics (CJPL Review) - Jifeng Liu (West China Hospital)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
12:30 A case for cells sensing the absence of background levels of ionizing radiation: overview of the transcriptional response of four species at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) (WIPP Review) - Hugo Castillo (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
Session 3 - Chair: Maria Antonella Tabocchini (until 13:30) (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
09:15 Deep Life, Volatiles and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (KEY SPEAKER) - Donato Giovannelli (Federico II University of Napoli, Italy)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
09:45 Astrobiology and Planetary Science at the Boulby Mine (REMOTE) - Charles Cockell (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
10:15 Boulby Geo and Bio Science status and future plans (BOULBY Review) - Sean Paling (Boulby Underground Laboratory, UK)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
10:45 --- Coffee break ---
11:15 Cosmogenic Background and Mitigation of Radiactive Backgrounds (KEY SPEAKER) - Ian Lawson (SNOLAB, Canada)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
11:45 Low Radon Cleanroom for Underground Laboratories (Submitted Abstract) - Jiri Hulka (SURO, National Radiation Protection Institute, Czech Republic)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
12:05 Modane Underground laboratory as a shield to protect stem cells from cosmic rays and radioactivity during cryogenized storage (MODANE Review) - Guillaume Warot (CNRS - LPSC, France)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
12:35 New Technologies for Acoustic, electromagnetic and radioactivity Silence Characterization (CANFRANC Review) - Carlos Peña Garay (LSC, Spain)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
13:05 The RENOIR Experiment at the LNGS (Submitted Abstract) - M. Antonella Tabocchini (ISS & INFN Roma 1, Italy)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
13:00 Safety course   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
13:30 --- Lunch ---
Session 2 - Chair: Carlos Peña Garay (until 15:50) (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
15:00 Biotechnological applications of extremophiles (KEY SPEAKER) - Ricardo Amils (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
15:30 Exploring microbial biosignature in Mn-patinas of deep biosphere: a cross-disciplinary approach to investigate geomicrobiological interactions in Grotta Grande del Cervo (Abruzzo, Italy) (Submitted Abstract) - Ilaria Vaccarelli (L'Aquila University, Italy)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
15:50 Coffee break and poster session   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
17:15 LNGS underground tour   ()
19:30 Welcome reception   ()
13:30 --- Lunch ---
Session 4 - Chair: Richard Ford (until 17:30) (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
15:00 The Phenotypic and Genotypic Response of the Caenorhabditis elegans nematode to Background and Below-Background Radiation Underground at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (Submitted Abstract) - Geoffrey Smith (New Mexico State University, USA)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
15:20 Flies in a mine: Understanding the physiology of deep underground mining (Submitted Abstract) (REMOTE) - Thomas Merritt (Laurentian University, Canada)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
15:40 The REPAIR project: Investigating the biological effects of sub-natural background radiation exposure (SNOLAB Review) (REMOTE) - Christopher Thome (Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada) Jake Pirkkanen (Laurentian University, Canada)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
16:10 --- Coffee break ---
16:40 Opportunities at the Sanford Underground Research Facility - Geoffrey Smith (New Mexico State University, USA)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")
17:00 Panel discussion - Ricardo Amils (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) M.Antonella Tabocchini (ISS & INFN Roma 1, Italy) Richard Ford (SNOLAB, Canada) Carlos Peña Garay (LSC, Spain) Aldo Ianni (INFN - LNGS, Italy) Alba Formicola (INFN - LNGS, Italy) Geoffrey Smith (New Mexico State University, USA)   (Room "B. Pontecorvo")