Jan 14 – 23, 2020
Asiago Astronomical Observatory
Europe/Rome timezone

Speakers' List

• Halzen, Francis (Madison, US):
  Hadrons, neutrino astrophysics and its relation with gamma rays
• Branchesi, Marica (GSSI, L'Aquila):
  Multimessenger astrophysics and gravitational waves
• Ghisellini, Gabriele (INAF Brera):
  Accretion and jets
• Tavecchio, Fabrizio (INAF Brera):
  Gamma ray emitters and multimessenger signatures of particle acceleration
• Blasi, Pasquale (GSSI, L'Aquila):
  Hadron acceleration
• Schneider, Raffaella (Univ. Rioma "La Sapienza):
  Coevolution of SMBHs and their host galaxies
• Viel, Matteo (SISSA, Trieste):
  Large-Scale Structure formation and neutrinos in cosmology
• Punturo, Michele (INFN Perugia):
  Third-generation ground-based GW, Observatory Network,and the future with LISA
• Barausse, Enrico (SISSA, Trieste):
  Gravitational Wave astronomy
• Tramacere, Andrea (Observatoire de Geneve, Switzerland):
  Fitting the spectral energy distribution of blazars (hands-on session)
• La Mura, Giovanni (LIP Lisboa, Portugal):
  Optical observations
• Bernardini, Elisa (Univ. Padova):
  The global network of neutrino telescopes
• Mesinger Andrei (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa):
  Multimessenger aspects of reionization epoch
• Mapelli, Michela (Univ. Padova):
  Sources of gravitational waves: numerical approaches
• Mirzoyan, Razmik (Max Planck Institute, Werner-Heisenberg, Munich):
  Gamma-ray instruments
• Pimenta, Mario (Univ. Lisboa/LIP, Portugal):
  EHE charged cosmic rays
• Kopp, Joachim (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland):
  Interplay of multimessenger astronomy withfundamental physics