Invited Speakers

Nicolae Barsan, Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Tuebingen (ipc): Application rules the show: what can we learn about the future from the past?

Ho Won Jang, Seoul National University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering: Self-heated graphene microchannels for low-power-consumption chemoresistive sensor array

Yoshinori Nishiue, New Cosmos Electric Co Ltd: Ultra-Low Power MEMS Gas Sensor Technology and Applications

Sun Peng, Jilin University, College of Electronic Science and Engineering: Gas Sensors Based on Oxide Semiconductors with Porous Nanostructures

J Daniel Prades , MIND - Departament d'Enginyeria Electrònica i Biomèdica, Universitat de Barcelona: Micro Light Plates for Photoactivated Micro-Power Gas Sensors

Adrian Stenzel, Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT): Metal Oxide Sensors Applied to Industrial and Consumer Applications: Examples and Requirements for Successful Implementation

Koichi  Suematsu, Kyushu University, Faculty of Engineering Sciences: Ultra-high sensitive (ppt) gas sensor based on the pulse heating using MEMS technique

Alexey Vasiliev, Kurchatov Institute - Physical and Chemical Technology Center - Moscow: Selective detection of hydrogen and hydrogen containing gases with metal oxide gas sensor operating in non-stationary thermal regime