Oct 23 – 25, 2019
Aula Gerace
Europe/Rome timezone
We had been hoping to be able to hold the conference on the originally scheduled period in October 2021 but given the pandemic situation we have decided to postpone the conference period to October 2022.

Measurement of the emission of Hawking radiation with the Hawking temperature in an analogue black hole (Q)

Oct 25, 2019, 2:00 PM
Aula Gerace

Aula Gerace

Polo Fibonacci Edificio C Largo B. Pontecorvo, 3 56127 Pisa
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Juan Ramón Muñoz de Nova (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


Hawking [1] predicted the emission of radiation by the event horizon of a black hole with a thermal spectrum whose temperature is given by the surface gravity. However, the temperature of emission is extremely low, making its direct detection an almost impossible task. As an alternative, Unruh [2] proposed that the analogue of Hawking radiation could be observed in the subsonic-supersonic interface of a flowing fluid.

Here, we report the first experimental observation of the emission of Hawking radiation with a thermal spectrum in an analogue black hole [3]. The experimental setup is an updated version of that used in previous measurements [4], based on a Bose-Einstein condensate of ultracold Rubidium atoms. The measured spectrum is in excellent agreement with a thermal spectrum with the measured Hawking temperature, given here by the gradients of the flow and sound velocities at the acoustic horizon. The experimental results are well reproduced by numerical simulations of the system.

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[3] Juan Ramón Muñoz de Nova, Katrine Golubkov, Victor I. Kolobov and Jeff Steinhauer. Observation of thermal Hawking radiation and its temperature in an analogue black hole. Nature 569, 688–691 (2019)
[4] J. Steinhauer. Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole. Nat. Phys. 12, 959–965 (2016).

Primary author

Juan Ramón Muñoz de Nova (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


Prof. Jeff Steinhauer (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) Katrine Golubkov Victor. I. Kolobov

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