23-25 October 2019
Aula Gerace
Europe/Rome timezone
LAST DEADLINE for abstracts submission has been postponed to July 20, 2019. Acceptance will be communicated within July 31th.

The Conference on Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology- Second Edition (QFC 2019) will be held in Pisa from 23 to 25 October 2019.

Aim of the conference is to bring together scientists in both experimental and theoretical physics from the fields of ultracold quantum gases, fundamental interactions, and cosmology, with the aim of sharing and brainstorming on challenging open common problems, which can be zoomed in and out via a cross-disciplinary approach.

After QFC 2017, the Conference will be in its each second edition of a series of appointments to be held each second year.

The mutual frontiers among these three apparently separated disciplines have been recently blossoming with new innovative, cutting edge research. To the well-established connections between cosmology and high-energy physics, current bright examples are the research activities in analogue gravity and superfluid analogies of cosmological phenomena, and of quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories using ultracold atoms in optical lattices. We intend to use this momentum and opportunities to establish strong collaborations among participants and leading groups to open new pathways leading to breakthrough results, in this spirit, the keynote speakers of the first edition, QFC2017, have been invited and have joined the Scientific Advisory Board.


QFC19  Organization

Maria Luisa Chiofalo (University of Pisa/INFN) - Chair

QFC19 Local Organizing Committee

Dario Buttazzo (INFN-Pisa)

Giancarlo Cella (INFN-Pisa)

Dario Grasso (INFN-Pisa)

Carla Signorini (University of Pisa/INFN)

Scientific Advisory Board

Eric Cornell (JILA and University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder (Co, USA)

Lev Pitaevskii (University of Trento)

Sandro Stringari (University of Trento)

Guido Tonelli (INFN and University of Pisa, Italy)

Massimo D’Elia (University of Pisa/INFN)

Andrea Ferrara (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)

Guglielmo Tino (INFN/LENS/University of Florence)

Gianfranco Bertone (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam, NL)

Volker Bromm (University of Texas, USA)

Iacopo Carusotto (University of Trento, Italy)

Dmitri Kharzeev (Brookhaven National Labs, USA)

Sabino Matarrese (University of Padova, Italy)

Steve Shore (University of Pisa)




Additional information on the spirit of the Conference can be found in the section of this website devoted to the first edition of QFC, QFC2017.

Aula Gerace
Polo Fibonacci Edificio C Largo B. Pontecorvo, 3 56127 Pisa
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