Sep 24 – 30, 2017
La Biodola, Isola d'Elba
Europe/Rome timezone



Like in the previous years, the proceedings will be published as
peer-reviewed, special edition in NIM-A
The previous special NIM-A volumes for the EAAC can be found at the following links:

Open access

The preprint must be uploaded to arXiv as final step in the acceptance process to enhance the accessibility of our research and to fulfill the requirements for open-access publishing of ARIES, the EU-program sponsoring this workshop via the EuroNNAC workpackage.

  • This was agreed with the Journal.
  • This is obligatory. Papers that are not uploaded to arXiv as final step after the iterations with the reviewers are automatically rejected. The editor in charge will inform you when you should do this.
In addition, the complete NIM-A proceedings will be free open access for the first 6 months.

Based on the experience from the last years and discussions with the journal, we will open the submission already before the workshop with the following schedule:
  • 01.08.2017: Submission open/communicated for everyone
  • 25.09.2017 - 29.09.2017: Workshop
  • 20.11.2017: Submission deadline

The final editing will be done by NIM-A, but please follow the instructions of the following link:

Hard copies

Printed hard copies of the proceedings will only be sent to all who do not opt out during the registration. If you opt out no reduction of the registration fee will be applied.
  • You can opt out from the printed proceedings book at the registration desk in Elba.
Acceptance rules

The submitted papers must fulfill the following requirements to be accepted:
  • After the final iterations with the reviewers, the paper must be uploaded to arXiv before the paper is finally accepted. The editor in charge will contact you to trigger you to do this.
  • The paper must have a similar title as the announced contribution. If the title is changed significantly or if an additional paper is published as direct outcome of the workshop or if multiple contributions are combined to one longer paper, then please contact me in advance.
  • The presenter at the workshop must be either the main author or co-author.
  • We recommend the paper lengths listed below:
    • papers to invited talks are recommended to be 6 pages + references
    • papers to contributed talks and posters are recommended to be 4 pages + references
    • In justified cases we also encourage longer papers but then please contact Ulrich Dorda as lead editor in advance.
  • Good English is essential.
  • Previous work must be referenced comprehensively.
  • Graphics, figures, data must be reproduced in good quality with readable text and numbers. Axis units must be indicated where necessary. The graphs must also be readable in black-and-white print.
  • The paper must present a scientific work. The results or conclusions must have been obtained by the authors. Review papers and working group summaries are accepted. Reviews must be of high quality and must contain own comparative work and conclusions by the author(s).
  • Experimental data & simulation results must be evaluated, interpreted and clearly explained and follow common standards of scientific data representation.
  • Important assumptions and inputs must be specified.
  • The submitted paper must be scientifically sound. If the paper contains significant errors or it contains miss-conceptions that result in wrong conclusions and these errors cannot be corrected during the review process, the paper is rejected.
  • On the other hand, we are aware that the work on particle accelerators often requires incremental performance enhancements, technical improvements or engineering work. While such topics are normally not accepted in high level journals like Physical Review, we explicitly encourage such contributions for these proceedings.
  • The submission is done to the Elsevier-portal:
    • Submit your paper to
    • Select “VSI: NIMA_EAAC2017” when you reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process.
    • In the required accompanying brief note
      • If the title/main author is changed, multiple contributions are combined or an additional paper is submitted as direct outcome of the workshop, quote the original title(s) and main author in the note. (in addition to contacting me in advance as mentioned above)
    • Submission to arXiv: After successful iteration with the reviewers/editors the editor will tell you to submit the paper to arXiv. once you have done this, the editor will release the paper on NIM-A

In case of questions/comments, please contact us at

Ulrich Dorda (Lead Editor EAAC2017 Proceedings) for the EAAC2017 editors:
R. Aßmann, M. Ferrario, E. Gschwendtner, B. Holzer, A. Mosnier, J. Osterhoff, A. Specka, A. Walker, R. Walczak