Sep 24 – 30, 2017
La Biodola, Isola d'Elba
Europe/Rome timezone

Viable Laser-driven Ion Source for Applications at CALA

Sep 25, 2017, 7:30 PM
Parking Area, Hotel Hermitage

Parking Area, Hotel Hermitage

poster WG2 - Ion Beams from Plasmas Wine and Poster Session 1(WG1-WG2-WG3-WG8)


Daniel Haffa (LMU Muenchen)


One of the most intriguing features of laser-driven ion sources is their potentially short bunch duration and micrometer small source size (low longitudinal and transverse emittance), which are a direct consequence of the highly intense laser pulses at play. The transition from mostly single shot experiments performed during the last decade towards systems capable of repetition rates up to one Hz requires technological development. My talk will allude the basic principle of laser ion acceleration, supported by recent examples demonstrating it's potential for applications. I will highlight recent progress regarding targetry and ion detection, pushing the performance towards higher repetition rates. Using the unique features of laser-based accelerated ions for application may require guidance of the ion bunch. A set of permanent quadrupole magnets has been used to transport and refocus the beam on distances up to 1,5 m behind the interaction enabling a dose of multiple Gray within one bunch. Those developments will facilitate a solid basis for our research targeted in the Centre for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA) at the research campus in Garching near Munich, which amongst other intriguing equipment, will host a 3 PW-laser system operated at 1Hz repetition rate.

Primary author

Daniel Haffa (LMU Muenchen)


Mr Christian Kreuzer (LMU Munich) Mr Enrico Ridente (LMU Munich) Mr Florian Lindner (LMU München) Mr Franz Englbrecht (LMU Muenchen) Mr Jens Hartmann (LMU Muenchen) Dr Jianhui Bin (LMU Muenchen) Prof. Jörg Schreiber (LMU Munich) Mr Martin Speicher (LMU Munich) Mr Matthias Würl (LMU Munich) Mr Peter Hilz (LMU Munich) Mrs Rong Yang (LMU Munich) Mr Sebastian Lehrack (LMU Munich) Mr Thomas F. Roesch (LMU Muenchen) Mr Tobias Ostermayr (LMU München and MPI-Q) Mr Ying Gao (LMU Munich)

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