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May 31, 2017 to June 4, 2017
Europe/Rome timezone

                                     MULTIMODALITY AND MULTIPARAMETRIC IMAGING
                                                          IN ADVANCING HEALTHCARE
                                                TOWARDS PERSONALIZED MEDICINE


Following the  previously conducted symposia on dedicated medical imaging instrumentation we are presently organizing the 5th workshop of this exclusive series to be held in the East of the beautiful island of Sardinia.
The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the role of the multimodality and multi-parametric imaging modalities on the vision of individualized/personalized medicine.
Based on the breakthroughs in genomic, proteomic and metabolic profiling Precision Medicine has emerged as a novel health-care paradigm. Precision Medicine is an approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. It involves integrating information from multiple sources to achieve a precise diagnosis, personalized target treatment, and adequate response assessment.
The “-omics” analysis as well as histopathology are important input parameters for a precise diagnosis, however, as they rely on small biopsy samples or body fluids, they do usually not map the entire profile of the disease. Tumors typically have a spatially and temporally varying molecular and genetic profile; the same applies to neurodegenerative, cardiovascular or autoimmune diseases. Therefore, “liquid diagnostic parameters” can provide only a snapshot of the entire disease while Multiparametric Imaging can holistically map molecular, functional and habitant varieties of the same or multiple diseases.
Thus, Multiparametric Imaging and Imaging-Guided Interventions, which provide multiparametric information and enable focused, minimally invasive treatments, are key elements of complex Precision Diagnosis and Personalized Medicine. Different diagnostic approaches utilizing bioinformatics, machine learning, and systems biology will be used to mine the essential information and fuse the precise but spatially and temporally restricted disease characterization of “-omics” and histopathology with the holistic data of Multiparametric Imaging. The emerging fields of Radiomics and Radiogenomics are linking genotypic information to phenotypic disease manifestations from imaging. Because of the growing volume and complexity of imaging data and its necessary linkage to metadata, decision-support algorithms will be required to help physicians applying the most essential patient data for optimal management.
Based on the above emerging realities the MEDAMI Forum series of events is trying to define the role of and needs for Multiparametric Imaging in the development of healthcare towards Personalized/Precision Medicine and to determine the impact of those developments on collaboration- and business models in the future.
What are the key questions the MEDAMI 2017 will address?


  • Personalized Medicine – what will be the impact of what? on current medical imaging and image guided interventions? Is there a need for organ specific (precision) medical imaging?
  • Which  medical areas  have the  the strongest impact/needs?
  • Are there new imaging technologies and methods for precision imaging?
  • In which areas are new biomarkers and imaging agents  needed? What shall be the role of such new tracers and imaging agents in personalized medical imaging?
  • What funding mechanisms can be employed for the development of imagers and imaging agents that finally lead to widespread clinical application? What are the roles of funding agencies and industry?
  • How does Personalized Medicine impact the business models of stakeholders (industries, clinics, health care providers)?

The program of the MEDAMI 2017 is being developed . A number of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) from Biology, Medicine and Technology fields have already been contacted to give lectures.

The program of the forum primarily will consist of invited talks by key opinion leaders and experts from around the world. However, a limited number of abstracts for oral or poster presentations will be accepted. If you have to report on a topic that you think fits into the scope of the program we will be happy to receive your abstract.

Preliminary list of key speakers who accepted to come and talk:
  - Prof. Roderic Pettigrew, director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB)- USA 
  - Prof. David Townsend, National University of Singapore, inventor of PET/CT 
  - Prof. Craig Levin, Stanford Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Laboratory (MIIL) – USA 
  - Prof. Bernd Pichler, University of Tubingen (Germany) 
The meeting format fosters a close interaction between different stakeholders from academia, medical institutions and organizations, regulatory agencies and industry.

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