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Sep 13 – 19, 2015
La Biodola, Isola d'Elba
Europe/Rome timezone

Influence of medium length in self-guided laser wakefield accelerators

Sep 15, 2015, 5:10 PM
SML Sala Maria Luisa (Hotel Hermitage)

SML Sala Maria Luisa

Hotel Hermitage

talk WG1 - Electron beams from plasmas WG1 - Electron beams from plasmas


Dr Olle Lundh (Lund University)


Laser wakefield accelerators appear promising as compact sources of highly relativistic electrons and ultrashort pulses of X-rays. However, improving the control of the electron- and X-ray beam parameters is crucially important in order to enable laser wakefield accelerators to be efficiently used in applications. We report on our recent experiments of laser wakefield acceleration and X-ray generation inside a variable length gas cell. The motivation is to generate electron beams with a well defined electron kinetic energy and with low shot-to-shot fluctuations in charge, divergence and pointing. The experiments are performed using the Ti:Sapphire-based multi-terawatt laser at the Lund Laser Centre. Electrons are trapped in the accelerating phase of the plasma wave by self-injection and ionization-induced injection. Stable electron- and X-ray beams are generated both when the cell is filled with pure hydrogen and with an addition of 1% nitrogen. The evolution of the electron- and X-ray energy spectra is studied as a function of acceleration distance by varying the length of the gas cell. The experimental findings are qualitatively reproduced in particle-in-cell simulations.

Primary author

Dr Olle Lundh (Lund University)


Dr Anders Persson (Lund University) Dr Bastian Aurand (Lund University) Dr Brigitte CROS (Université Paris-Sud XI) Prof. Claes-Göran Wahlström (Lund University) Mr Frédéric Guillaume Desforges (Université Paris-Sud XI) Mr Henrik Ekerfelt (Lund University) Ms Isabel Gallardo Gonzalez (Lund University) Mr Martin Hansson (Lund University) Mr Thomas Audet (Université Paris-Sud XI) Dr Xavier Davoine (CEA DAM DIF) Mrs sandrine dobosz dufrenoy (CEA Saclay)

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