INFN School of Statistics 2015

Hotel Continental Terme, Ischia

Hotel Continental Terme, Ischia

The INFN School Of Statistics intends to provide an overview of statistical methods and tools used in particle, astro-particle and nuclear physics.
This School is targeted towards physicists interested in data analysis ranging from PhD students to senior physicists willing to extend their knowledge and skills in the field of statistical methods. The School takes place in Ischia (Napoli, Italy) from 25th to 29th of May 2015.
Lectures are subdivided into five sections: the first section will be an introduction to probability theory, including fundamental definitions of frequentist and Bayesian approaches to probability. The second section is devoted to statistical methods, including parameter estimates, maximum likelihood and chi-squared methods. The third section will provide an overview of statistical methods adopted to define confidence intervals and upper limits. The fourth section will cover multivariate techniques, including artificial neural networks and boosted decision trees. Finally, the fifth section will present the state-of-the-art software tools used for statistical evaluations.
Two afternoon interactive sessions devoted to practical implementations and exercises are foreseen.


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University 'Federico II', NaplesINFN Sezione di NapoliThis school is co-funded by INFN, INFN - Sezione di Napoli, University "Federico II", Naples, and by the Department of Physics of University "Federico II", Naples.
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  • Alessandro Scordo
  • Alessio Boletti
  • Anastasia Maria Barbano
  • Andrea MOLINARIO
  • Anna Lupato
  • Annarita Buonaura
  • Anthony Palladino Jr
  • Bruno Rodriguez Cardoso
  • Claudio Caputo
  • Claudio Savarese
  • Elena Perez Del Rio
  • Elisa Minucci
  • Emanuele Michielin
  • Fabio Ferrari
  • Fabio Valerio Massoli
  • Federica Fabbri
  • Federico Donnini
  • Francesca Bellini
  • Francesco Cirotto
  • Gabriele Sirri
  • Georgios Krintiras
  • Gian Luca Pinna Angioni
  • Giovanni Bocchi
  • Giovanni De Lellis
  • Giovanni Gallucci
  • Giulia Calzolai
  • Giuliana Galati
  • Giuliano Gustavino
  • Glen Cowan
  • Guglielmo De Nardo
  • Hannes-S. Zechlin
  • Helge Voss
  • Jan Conrad
  • Jose Osvaldo Gonzalez Hernandez
  • Ka Wa Tsang
  • Katharina von Sturm
  • Knut Morå
  • Laura Pasqualini
  • Leonardo Cristella
  • Linda Finco
  • Lorenzo Sestini
  • Luca Lista
  • Lucia Ambrogi
  • Luciano Libero Pappalardo
  • Luisa Alunni Solestizi
  • Marco Selvi
  • Marina Giarrusso
  • Mario Pelliccioni
  • Marta Crispoltoni
  • Marta D'Angelo
  • Massimiliano Clemenza
  • Massimiliano Fiorini
  • Matteo Cadeddu
  • Maxim Alexeev
  • Michal Zbigniew Silarski
  • Muhammad Bilal Manzoor Kiani
  • Muhammad Gul
  • Nicoletta Belloli
  • Nicoletta Mauri
  • Rachele Desiante
  • Riccardo Avigo
  • Riccardo Russo
  • Rocco Lico
  • Roger Barlow
  • Silvia Biondi
  • Silvia Nava
  • Simone Ceruti
  • Simone Michele Mazza
  • Tak Shun Lau
  • Tommaso Dorigo
  • Valerio Bortolotto
  • Vieri Candelise
  • Vittoria D'Avino
  • Wing Sheung Chan
  • Yang Zhang