June 29, 2015 to July 3, 2015
Europe/Rome timezone

Scattering cluster wave functions on the lattice using the adiabatic projection method

Jul 2, 2015, 3:10 PM
Room PS1 (Building E, Polo Fibonacci, Pisa)

Room PS1

Building E, Polo Fibonacci, Pisa

Talk Few-Body Physics Working Group Parallel Session 5 - Few-Body Physics WG


Alexander Rokash (Ruhr University, Bochum)


The adiabatic projection method is a general framework for obtaining low-energy effective Hamiltonian for clusters. Previous studies [1,2] have used the adiabatic projection method in combination with the finite-volume energy Luscher method to extract scattering phase shifts. We discuss several methods to calculate elastic phase shifts directly from asymptotic cluster wave functions obtained from the effective cluster Hamiltonian for examples in one and three dimensions. This approach is less sensitive than the finite-volume energy Luscher method to stochastic and systematic errors which appear in the application of the adiabatic projection method. References 1. M. Pine et al., Eur. Phys. J. A. 49 , 151 (2013). 2. S. Elhatisari et al., Phys. Rev. C90 , 064001 (2014)

Primary author

Alexander Rokash (Ruhr University, Bochum)

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