June 29, 2015 to July 3, 2015
Europe/Rome timezone

Plenary Speakers

Plenary speakers


L. Barrón Palos (UNAM, Ciudad de México)
Hadronic weak interaction: The NPDGamma experiment

A. Ceccucci (CERN)     
The NA62 experimental program

E. Downie (Mainz)
Compton scattering and the nucleon polarizabilities

S. Eydelman (Novosibirsk)
Muon anomalous magnetic moment and hadronic vacuum polarization:
Recent developments

J.M. Friedrich (TUM)
The pion polarisability and more measurements on chiral dynamics at COMPASS

L. Gan (UNC-W)          
Probes for fundamental QCD symmetries and dark gauge boson via light
meson decays

H. Gao (TUNL/Duke)          
Latest results on few-body physics from HIGS

D. Hornidge (Mount Allison University)       
Photopion physics at MAMI

K. Allada (JLab)
An overview of recent nucleon spin structure measurements at Jefferson Lab


V. Cirigliano (LANL)
Electric dipole moments, new physics, and  QCD

G. Colangelo (Bern)
Dispersive treatment of the hadronic light-by-light contribution to (g-2)µ

G. Ecker (Vienna)
Status of chiral perturbation theory for light mesons

E. Epelbaum (Bochum)
Nuclear chiral EFT in the precision era

B. Kubis (Bonn)
Pion-nucleon scattering: from chiral perturbation theory to Roy-Steiner equations

H. Leutwyler (Bern)
Theoretical aspects of chiral dynamics (Introductory talk)

J. McGovern (Manchester)   
Polarisabilities of the proton and neutron from Compton scattering

F. Sammarruca (Idaho)
How well does the chiral expansion converge in nucleonic matter?

S. Scherer (Mainz)
Pion photo- and electroproduction and the chiral MAID interface

R. Schiavilla (ODU/JLab)
Studies of light nuclei in chiEFT: A status report


S.R. Beane (Seattle)       
Unexpected chiral dynamics from lattice QCD calculations of nuclear systems

C. Bernard (St. Louis)
Effective field theories and lattice QCD

T. Blum (U. of Connecticut)
Progress on the muon anomalous magnetic momen from lattice QCD

M. Constantinou (Cyprus)   
Recent progress in hadron structure from lattice QCD

R.G. Edwards (JLab)
Meson Resonances on the lattice

H. Fukaya (Osaka)
Extracting (pion) form factors from finite volume lattices

T. Inoue (Nihon)           
Nuclear physics from QCD on lattice

V. Lubicz (Roma3)          
QED corrections to hadronic processes in lattice QCD

A. Portelli (Southampton)  
Inclusion of isospin breaking effects in lattice simulations