September 30, 2014 to October 3, 2014
C.U.M.O. Noto (SR), Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
RICAP-14 The Roma International Conference on Astroparticle Physics in Noto, Sicily, Italy

DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 results and perspectives of the phase2

Sep 30, 2014, 2:00 PM
Aula A, first floor (C.U.M.O. Noto (SR), Italy)

Aula A, first floor

C.U.M.O. Noto (SR), Italy


Dr Riccardo Cerulli (INFN)


The DAMA/LIBRA set-up (about 250 kg highly radiopure NaI(Tl)) is running at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of INFN. The cumulative DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 data (1.04 ton x year) have been released; the data of the former DAMA/NaI and of the DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 (cumulative exposure 1.33 ton x yr) satisfy all the many requirements of the Dark Matter annual modulation signature at 9.3 sigma confidence level. DAMA/LIBRA is now in data taking in the new configuration DAMA/LIBRA-phase2, using new higher quantum efficiency PMTs. Results, implications and experimental perspectives of the experiment will be addressed.

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