September 30, 2014 to October 3, 2014
C.U.M.O. Noto (SR), Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
RICAP-14 The Roma International Conference on Astroparticle Physics in Noto, Sicily, Italy

The next generation dark matter hunter: XENON1T status and perspective

Sep 30, 2014, 4:15 PM
Aula A, first floor (C.U.M.O. Noto (SR), Italy)

Aula A, first floor

C.U.M.O. Noto (SR), Italy


Dr Alfio Rizzo (Columbia University)


The XENON Dark Matter Experiment has been ongoing at LNGS since 2005 with the goal of searching for dark matter WIMPs with liquid xenon as target and detector material. With detectors of increasing target mass and decreasing background, the XENON program has achieved competitive limits on WIMP-nucleon interaction couplings, but also on axions and axion like particles. With the start of the next generation experiment, XENON1T expected in 2015, XENON Dark Matter Experiment will continue to lead field of dark matter direct detection. XENON1T will be the first experiment to use multi-tons of liquid xenon in a time projection chamber and is designed to achieve two orders of magnitude higher sensitivity than the current best limits. I will review the status of construction and the scientific goals of XENON1T.

Primary author

Dr Alfio Rizzo (Columbia University)

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