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Jun 21 – 26, 2015
Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Catania
Europe/Rome timezone
All the plenary sessions will be transmitted in streaming on the web. From Monday, June 22nd, a link will be available <a href='' target='blank'> here </a>

Poster session

The poster session will be held on June, 22nd in the Department of Physics and Astronomy entrance hall from 6 pm to 8 pm. Here is the list of posters and presenters.

Poster Number Name of the Presenter Title
1 Allal Projected spectroscopic factor for a pair of like-nucleons transfer reaction within the framework of the Richardson model
2 Sharma Intermediate energy heavy-ion collisions in asymmetric colliding nuclei: multifragmentation as an example
3 Bansal System size dependence of the energy of peak production of fragments
4 Belyaeva Neutron transfer to the unbound states of 11Be and 13C
5 Chen Octupole bands in the neutron-rich nucleus 143Ba
6 Cvetinovic Large electron screening effect in 1H(7Li,α)4He and 1H(19F,αγ)16O reactions in different environments
7 Danilov Cluster rotational bands in 11B
8 Demyanova States of 13C with abnormal radii
9 Di Nitto The observation of Element 117: Opportunity for next generation experiments with the new ALBEGA multi-coincidence detection setup
10 Dong Symmetry energy of finite nuclei and nuclear matter
11 Dubey Study of fusion-fission dynamics in 19F+238U reaction
12 Fellah Particle-number projection effect, in the isovector pairing case, on the energy of odd mass N»Z nuclei
13 Kumar Thermal binding energies in clusterization algorithm and its effect on fragmentation
14 Gautam Dynamics of fragmentation in heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energies
15 Gomez-Ramos Transfer to the continuum calculations of quasifree (p,pn) and (p,2p) reactions
16 Hayakawa
Indirect study of the 16O+16O fusion reaction toward stellar energies by the Trojan Horse Method 
17 Hussein
Transverse Isotropy: Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions 
18 Italiano
Semiclassical approach to sequential fission in peripheral collisions 
19 Ito
Analysis of the reaction size by the method of the scattering radius 
20 Casal
9Be scattering in a four-body CDCC framework 
21 Kaur G.
Examination of positive Q-value multi-neutron transfer channel couplings on fusion barrier distribution for the 28Si+154Sm system 
22 Kaur V.
Role of asymmetry effects in projectile fragmentation using momentum dependent interactions.
23 Kondratyev & Korovina
Statistics of magnetar crusts magnetoemission 
24 Kondratyev et al.
Coulomb penetration and nuclear transmutations at sub-barrier reactions 
25 Kres
Preliminary studies for three experiments at Treiman-Yang criterion 
26 Lanzalone
Nuclear Reactions in Laser Plasmas 
27 Maninder
Probing dynamics of fusion reactions through cross-section and spin distribution measurement 
28 Marchix
Statistical treatment of the decaying cascade of an excited nucleus - focus on the gamma emission down to the ground state 
29 Maruyama
Competition of kaon and hyperon mixture in nuclear matter 
30 Mengoni
TRACE and GASPARD: direct reactions with AGATA@SPES 
31 Morales-Rivera
Elastic scattering of 9Be+51V near the Coulomb barrier 
32 Peng
Properties of quark matter and structure of compact stars in the perturbation mod el with a rapid ly convergent matching-invariant running coupling 
33 Rhine Kumar
Pairing induced fluctuations studied through giant dipole resonance 
34 Talukdar
Influence of Mass of the Fragmenting System on Projectile Multifragmentation Spectrum at Dubna Energy 
35 Saha
Exploring the high spin states of 88Zr
36 Sawhney
Effect of deformations and orientations in 100Sn daughter radioactivity 
37 Sergi
Resonance strength measurement at astrophysical energies: the 17O(p,α)14N reaction studied via THM 
38 Shaikh
Understanding the effect of channel coupling on fusion of 6Li+64Ni 
39 Solovyev
Exchange Effects in the Radiative Capture Reactions 3H(a,a)7Li and 3He(a,a)7Be at Astrophysical Low and Medium Energies 
40 Strano
Elastic scattering of 17O ions from 58Ni at near-barrier energies 
41 Taniguchi
Coupling of α- and t-cluster structures in excited deformed states of 35Cl 
42 Tchuvil’sky
The influence of atomic shell on decay properties of a nucleus 
43 Titarenko
Determination of integral cross sections of 3H in Al foils monitors irradiated by protons with energies 40 to 2600 MeV 
44 Torresi
Elastic scattering of 17O+208Pb at energies near the Coulomb barrier. 
45 Volya
Configuration-Space Monte-Carlo Approach to Problem of Pairing in Nuclei 
46 Wuenschel
Search for High Energy Alpha Particles in the Reactions of 7.5AMeV 197Au with 232Th 
47 Xie
Lambda Polarization in Energetic Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions 
48 Tu Ya Chen
Projected total energy surface description for axial shape asymmetry in even-even nuclei 
49 Zarubina
Recent applications of nuclear track emulsion 
50 Zarubin
Clustering features of light neutron-deficient nuclei in diffractive dissociation 
51 Zhang
Influence of the nuclear dynamical deformation on production cross sections of superheavy nuclei
52 Zhou
Hadronic “flow” in p–Pb collisions at the Large Hadron Collider?