Jun 21 – 26, 2015
Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Catania
Europe/Rome timezone
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Scattering process for the system $^7$Be+$^{208}$Pb at near-barrier energies

Jun 23, 2015, 2:55 PM
INFN-LNS, Aula Azzurra (INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud)

INFN-LNS, Aula Azzurra

INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud

Invited Talk - Parallel Session Reactions and Structure - Unstable Nuclei Reactions and Structure - Unstable Nuclei


Marco Mazzocco (University of Padova, Italy)

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\noindent{\underline{The 12th International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, June 21-26, 2015, Catania, Italy}}

{\large \bf Scattering process for the system $^7$Be+$^{208}$Pb at near-barrier energies}

\underline{M.~Mazzocco}$^{1,2}$, C.~Stefanini$^{1,2}$, A.~Boiano$^3$, C.~Boiano$^4$,
M.~La~Commara$^{3,5}$, C.~Manea$^2$, C.~Parascandolo$^3$, D.~Pierroutsakou$^3$,
C.~Signorini$^{6}$, F.~Soramel$^{1,2}$, E.~Strano$^{1,2}$, D.~Torresi$^{1,2}$,
L.~Acosta$^7$, P.~Di~Meo$^3$, J.P.~Fernandez-Garcia$^8$, J.~Grebosz$^{9}$,
G.~Marquinez-Duran$^7$, I.~Martel$^7$, M.~Nicoletto$^2$, A.~Pakou$^{10}$, T.~Sava$^{11}$,
O.~Sgouros$^{10}$, V.~Soukeras$^{10}$, L.~Stroe$^{11}$, N.~Toniolo$^{6}$

{\em $^1$ Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Universit`a di Padova, Padova, Italy} \
{\em $^2$ INFN-Sezione di Padova, Padova, Italy}\
{\em $^3$ INFN-Sezione di Napoli, Napoli, Italy}\
{\em $^4$ INFN-Sezione di Milano, Milano, Italy}\
{\em $^5$ Dipartimento di Fisica, Universit`a di Napoli `Federico II", Napoli, Italy}\\ {\em $^6$ INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL), Legnaro (PD), Italy}\\ {\em $^7$ Departamento de F\isica Aplicada, Universidad de Huelva, Huelva, Spain}\
{\em $^8$ INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS), Catania, Italy}\
{\em $^9$ HINP and Department of Physics, University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece}\
{\em $^{10}$ Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Science (IFJ PAN), Krakow, Poland}\
{\em $^{11}$ National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (NIPNE), Magurele, Romania}\

We investigated for the first time the reaction dynamics induced by the
weakly-bound projectile $^7$Be ($S_{\alpha}$ = 1.584 MeV) on a $^{208}$Pb target
at three near-barrier energies, namely 37.6, 40.5 and 42.4 MeV.
The $^7$Be Radioactive Ion Beam was produced with an intensity about
2.5 $\times$ 10$^5$ pps by means of the facility EXOTIC [1] at INFN-LNL (Italy).
Charged reaction products were detected in the angular range $\theta_{cm}$
= [55$^{\circ}$,165$^{\circ}$] with the telescope array EXPADES [2].

Fig. 1 shows the preliminary evaluation of the elastic scattering angular
distributions together with the results of the optical model analysis.
Fig. 2 presents the reduced reaction cross sections for the
systems $^{6,7}$Li,$^7$Be + $^{208}$Pb [3]. Quite unexpectedly, the $^7$Be reaction
cross section data follow the trend individuated by those measured for the reaction
induced by the more tightly-bound mirror nucleus $^7$Li ($S_{\alpha}$ = 2.468 MeV)
rather than those obtained for the similarly weakly-bound projectile
$^6$Li ($S_{\alpha}$ = 1.475 MeV).

\caption{Elastic scattering angular distributions for the system $^7$Be + $^{208}$Pb.}
\ \hspace{2mm} \hspace{3mm} \
\caption{Reduced reaction cross sections for the systems $^{6,7}$Li,$^7$Be + $^{208}$Pb.}


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[1] F. Farinon \emph{et al.}, Nucl. Instr. Meth. B {\bf 266}, 4097 (2008).
[2] E. Strano \emph{et al.}, Nucl. Instr. Meth. B {\bf 317}, 657 (2013).
[3] N. Keeley \emph{et al.}, Nucl. Phys. A {\bf 571}, 326 (1994).

Primary author

Marco Mazzocco (University of Padova, Italy)


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