Jun 21 – 26, 2015
Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Catania
Europe/Rome timezone
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The role of the symmetry energy on Pygmy Dipole Resonance dynamics: from schematic models to transport approaches

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Aula Magna (Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Catania)

Aula Magna

Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Catania

Via Santa Sofia, 64 95123, Catania, Italy
Invited Talk - Parallel Session Equation of State of Neutron-Rich Nuclear Matter, Clusters in Nuclei and Nuclear Reactions


Prof. Virgil Baran (University of Bucharest, Romania)

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By considering different parameterizations with density of the symmetry energy is investigated
theoretically the emergence and the nature of the low energy dipole response evidenced experimentally for various systems. We analyze the consistency of the predictions provided
by a generalization of the Brown-Bolsterli schematic model with a density dependent particle-hole residual interaction and those
based on self-consistent microscopic transport approaches using the Vlasov equation. In both cases an additional collective mode is signaled whose energy centroid is closer to the distance between two major shells and exhaust few percentages of Energy Weighted Sum Rule.
From the sensitivity of EWSR to the density dependence of the symmetry energy is concluded that precise experimental determination of the
PDR properties can settle important constraints
on the behavior of the symmetry energy well below saturation.

Primary author

Prof. Virgil Baran (University of Bucharest, Romania)


Mrs Andreea Croitoru (University of Bucharest, Romania) Mr Dragos Iustin Palade (University of Bucharest, Romania) Prof. Maria Colonna (Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Catania, Italy) Prof. Massimo Di Toro (University of Catania, Italy)

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